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Happy Birthday, Derek! <3


So, there’s something to celebrate! :)

As for the game, as you’ve all probably guessed, its going to be delayed so we can polish ‘er up nice. We started early beta testing last week. We’re working with just a couple hardcore testers right now, so that we can really focus on polishing up the whole experience before we expose the game to a larger testing group.

Things are going well, and the game will be a many times better thanks to the testing process. But it will take time. So what’s our estimated release date now? Well, we’re not going to pick one just yet! For now we’ll say, “its done when its done”.

Remember that we’re working our asses off and we won’t release the game until we’re satisfied with it! ;)

22 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Derek! <3”

  1. SBKT Says:


    Well, that makes me think, what are you going to do with old versions?

  2. Michael Says:

    Sounds like a plan to me. As Miyamoto says, “Better a great game late than a bad game forever.”

    Seriously looking forward to this release! :P

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m really looking foward to playing this game. It’s the first one which spurred my interest in the actual game scene, that considering the next generation of console video gaming. It’s the kind of gem that would really fit in on portables like DS or PSP, bringing oldschool gameplay experience with artistic beauty to add up. And that just makes me wonder how stupid evolution may be when focused through too basic concepts. I pray for your success, hoping for an old style revival. Keep up the good work!

    PS: monkey-english from non-english speaker!

  4. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Well, good.
    Take the Nintendo approach, fellas.
    I would love to be part of that “testing group” later, but I’m not sure if I qualify…But I’m throwin’ that out there.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Derek!

    Keep up the hard work, guys!

  5. Quemaqua Says:

    I would test banging my head against a wall in the game if it would help.

    Happy birthday, Derek! Don’t spend it working too hard, eh? Take a break. Eat some of that fancy cake.

  6. Paul Says:

    “Wow, you Americans and your pompous, chemical looking birthday cakes!”

    They’re Brits. ;)

  7. Alec Says:

    I live in Canada. Derek lives in the States. :)

    We never released an exact release date, we’ve always said they were our rough goals. We mentioned them because we felt we could make them at the time, and we like being open about our thoughts and aspirations during development.

    I guess in the future we won’t do that as much, as it seems to lead to a lot of hate-filled responses, which don’t really encourage me personally to work any harder - they actually are pretty crushing and inspire me to quit.

    I don’t really understand why people would think verbally abusing us would help us get the game done any sooner, but there you have it.

  8. Derek Says:

    Hey, thanks guys! I had a nice birthday and am ready to go at it again. :)

    Regarding the release date, Alec pretty much nailed it. It was a rough estimate. That said, I don’t fault anyone for getting excited about the release and wanting to see the game and I don’t think there were any bad intentions. The fact that people are excited is great, in my opinion! I’d much rather that people get on our asses a bit as it means there’s interest in our project.

    Also, Koach, keep in mind that even though this isn’t the first game either Alec and I have worked on, it is our first commercial game and we’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But we’ll own up to it. This has been a great learning experience for us. :)

    In any case, this stage of the game is quite fun and it’s where the game really comes together and shines. I’m really excited to have you guys play it. It’s been an absolute joy to work on.

  9. PeaCe Says:

    Happy Birthday !!!
    how can i be one these testing group ?

    abouy Delay : Waiting …
    thnx for everything :)

  10. Sylverone Says:

    Happy Birthday, and take all the time you need! If (or rather when ;)) I make a game, I know I’ll want it to be perfect before I unleash it upon the public.

    It’s looking good so far, so keep it up.

  11. chris Says:


    happy birthday

  12. Koach Says:

    Well, I really didn’t mean to offend you in any way - but knowing even just an extimate of a release date leaves people sitting around, tapping at their watches and expecting it to be done just at the time the release date promised (which gets very definite easily. You know, end of spring = 20. june at latest… wheres MY damned game??). If not, the easiest way to find a valve for their dissapointment is by attacking the developers. Obviously, it’s all their fault, isn’t it?
    I guess the problem is that many people are just quite too egocentric, but I still do hope that you don’t let yourself be discouraged by shitty replies not least since the positive comments do outnumber the negative ones, I believe. Or at least I hope so. ;)
    Ok, enough ranting about release dates - in the end, I’m just an excited fan, too. ;) I still wish you guys all the best for the final spurt. Bring it on!

  13. Redemption Says:

    Happy Birthday and all the best!

  14. SBKT Says:

    People thought my replies were shitty, but I never meant them to be.

    It gets so hard to wait, though! I mean, say you were interested in Twilight Princess (Which everybody was), you’d be annoyed at the massive wait (Which was like two years of delays, too).

    …Although that’s a bad comparison, because they got it a lot worse for waiting and it was a Licensed game.

    But yeah, what I’m trying to say is I really wanna play it. A lot of people do. And it’s hard to wait for something that’s so awesome. So far, so good, right?

  15. KingAl Says:

    Happy belated birthday - I hope the game rockets along nicely and that you aren’t attacked by insane Linux zealots in the process.

  16. Mazinger Says:

    2D revival! I now officially want this game more than anything released by bigger game companies. If it ends up being as good as it looks and not way too short, I’m definitely getting it. And it’s definitely the right decision to release the game when it’s done - too many gaming experiences have been ruined, or made worse anyway, because the game was released unfinished. Parts of the story cut out completely and good gameplay elements left out, annoying gameplay hindering bugs in the final release and such. I’d rather wait than receive an unfinished product.

  17. Redemption Says:

    Now what does that remind me of? Anyone ever play Paradise?

    The standard formula for an adventure game is -
    Solve Puzzle > Advance storyline…

    but Paradise was revolutionary because it created a whole new formula

    Solve Puzzle > NOTHING. Seriously! It was like they had never heard of testing. One minute you’re walking, the next your character’s face is missing. If is was a horror game, I’m sure it would have recieved top marks from even the harshest of critics.

  18. Bartimaeus Says:

    Well, I’ve been spreading the word to everyone I meet, so…

    All I can say is: Please, please, please !~)

  19. Danopian Says:

    That’s right! Stick to your guns, folks. Take your time.

  20. Stefan Says:

    You mentioned that this was your first commercial game, but I thought it said on the site that it was freeware. I’d probably buy it anyways, but just wondering.

    This game, from the videos, looks like an underwater Super Metroid shooter.

  21. Alec Says:

    We never said it was freeware. :)

  22. Stefan Says:

    Oops, sorry.

    I must’ve read something wrong somewhere, unless Wired said it in the small article of theirs that notified me of the game in the first place. Anyways, I’ll still probably get it, no matter if its free or not.

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