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We Finally Have a Mailing List!

Yessiree bob, and you can sign up to the Mailing List here!

Now you can keep up to date. (albeit the RSS feed is another good way to keep up!)

There should be a big announcement within the next 3-5 weeks!

34 Responses to “We Finally Have a Mailing List!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Sign me up!!

  2. Andrew Says:

    K, I’m signed up! Anyone know of a good RSS reader?

  3. Hiro Says:

    Lol, yes. When clicking submit it directed me to the subscribe page. That’s ok, given that I was going to join anyway…

    I think my brother was working on making an rss reader, but I don’t know how it was going. Opera has an in-built one but so few people use Opera.

  4. Bartimaeus Says:

    Hmmm… a ‘big announcement’ in 3 or 4 weeks, hmm?

    Sounds like we have something.

    P.S: Use Firefox. You can save RSS feeds as bookmarks and stick ‘em in a toolbar.

  5. pkt-zer0 Says:

    3-5 weeks? Could that possibly mean Aquaria for Christmas?

  6. Redemption Says:

    Why not just use Internet Explorer 7.0?

    Btw, I think the big announcement will be a release date. Probably February.

  7. Maet Says:

    I really can’t wait to play it…
    I hope it’s coming before 2008 too…

  8. Andrew Says:

    I don’t know about other RSS readers, but the Firefox Live Bookmarks bar only has a sort of drop down with all the RSS titles each with a link, as specified in the RSS feed by title and link tags respectively.

    I was thinking a better RSS reader would actually allow you to see the description tag, possibly in a browsable interface not unlike windows explorer, you would be able select the titles in the left frame and view the descriptions on the right.

    Is there a reader like that?

    I understand some RSS feeds don’t have much more text in the description than what the already have in the title, and then they put all the info into the page linked to. So maybe that will be the case here too, in which case firefox would do fine.

    K thanks for suggestions. :)

  9. MedO Says:

    A big announcement… well, release date or release of a demo seems quite probable at this point, but it could also be other big news. Maybe they got a deal with Valve now concerning Aquaria on Steam? Aquaria on the Wii? DS? We’ll see. I’m looking forward to learning more.

  10. Andrew Says:

    I’m hoping for a release date. I personally wouldn’t predict Aquaria being released on Steam… but as long as I can buy it, I don’t care! ;)

  11. Gio Says:

    Hmm, I could imagine Aquaria also being released on the Wii as downloadable content. But, the file size may be too large to fit on the Wii’s very small 512MB flash drive (which they won’t expand at all and expect up to just erase stuff and I own I Wii), sorry for the rant, but i’m mad about Nintendo’s decision. Also, sorry for getting off topic.. I don’t want to start an entire argument about Nintendo.

  12. Kyuur Says:

    Eh… with modern compression, I don’t think it’d be too big. ITs got a lot of higher-res graphics compared to old games, but still. Look at things like Ocarina of Time, which is only 50mb, or Mario 64, which is like 10mb. Or, if you’ve heard about it, Ikaruga, which was only around 40mb I believe. With more modern-day compression, Ikaruga could probably be even smaller.

    Anyways, an announcement of a release date or a demo for a Christmas present… either would be nice! Or just another lengthy video/trailer. -crosses fingers-

  13. Alec Says:

    Full version looks like its going to be at least 200MB btw. :)

  14. cockmaster666 Says:

    fucking vaporware bullshit

    i hope you all die in an orderly fashion

  15. vaginaguru999 Says:

    Ignore my husband, he’s just frustrated…because of his rash.

  16. Alec Says:

    So many experts on the blog today! :D

  17. Kyuur Says:

    200mb? It’d still fit! xP

    Is that with you guys compressing stuff at all, or just leaving everything at the highest grade possible? Or somewhere inbetween? Or does the actual engine take up lots, not just the resources?

  18. Alec Says:

    unextracted: (i.e. once extracted from the installer. sounds + music are ogg-ified.)

    graphics = 108 (some 2,500 files)
    music = 60 (54 tracks)
    voice = 30
    sound effects = 15
    data = 12 (includes map and animation data)
    scripts = 2
    executable = 1.7

  19. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    54 tracks? Very nice.

    Glad to hear you’re preparing an announcement soon.
    Can’t wait to see more.

  20. Kyuur Says:

    Thanks for the breakdown Alec! Wow, 54 tracks… You guys are really going all out.

  21. I Like Cake Says:

    I’m kind of confused how a game that is clearly almost finished can be vaporware… unless maybe it is so delightful that Derek and Alec are going to horde all the copies for themselves.

  22. Hiro Says:

    mmmyes… That is plausible given how good the game is looking.

    And 54 tracks of that beautiful music…When I get my hands on that OST I’m gonna be set for weeks. :)

  23. SBKT Says:

    I really should sign up for the mailing list, shouldn’t I… Then I could have 1337 games I need to play instead of 1336! (In actuality, including this, I have about 120 games I want to try still.)

    Also, those guys are idiots. IF they watched CBC’s the Hour with George Strombolopolis(sp?), they would know the true number of the beast is 616. :D

  24. Gio Says:

    A game this pretty has to be released on disk as well (if they want to).

  25. Hiro Says:

    Wow, talk about cutting down the avaliable audience. ;)

    A CD would be nice though. With a nice picture of Naija on it and a sound track too.

    Athough to be honest I probably would rip the CD into an iso just so I wouldn’t have to put it in everytime I wanted to play or something.

    But seriously, an OST would rule (I’m sure we’ve been over this :) ).

  26. Gio Says:

    DVD would be a better choice for this game. But I guess distributing the game that way would probably be kinda costly.

  27. Redemption Says:

    Okay, I just went out and bought a “flippy disk” drive, although I’m having trouble finding the XP drivers for it.

    Another thing that worries me is the rate of disk exchange. Switching between more than two discs gets annoying.

    Now taking into consideration that each flippy holds up to 110kb and Aquaria takes up 200mb, thats at least 22,000 discs. :(

    P.S. Using a DVD would be impractical since a single CD has more than enough space to fit Aquaria.

  28. Redemption Says:

    Actually, I think its more like 200,000 flippys!

  29. Redemption Says:

    or maybe its 1800, a much more acceptable number.

    This is why I always used to fail maths.

  30. Alec Says:

    Might want to make an ISO of each of the floppies tho.

  31. MedO Says:

    100MiB of graphics, wow. What image format are you using by the way? If you use .png, you can probably shave off some space by creating them with pngout and then maybe running deflopt over them. Well, I guess there’s more important stuff to do :)

  32. Alec Says:

    Yeah, they’re PNGs. I’ll definitely run some optimization on ‘em!

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