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Seven Days of Aquaria: Release Imminent!

Seven Days?!?

That’s right, the PC version of Aquaria will be released on December 7th on this very website!

Every day from now up until release, we’ll be posting an update to our blog as part of the seven day celebration - behind the scenes info, a chat with Jenna, new screens, new artwork, new music - the works - and on the final day, a downloadable demo and $30 full version will be released!

It’s been a long journey getting here, but we’re more excited than ever. I have to thank you folks who have been hanging around here for the last year or so, encouraging us. Living and doing this on our own, it means a lot to us to get a friendly pat on the back now and then. I don’t know if we could have done it without you!

This week would be an awesome time to come hang out on the forums and/or the bitblot IRC channel. (I’ll be on there when I’m working) Drop in and say hi, chat about expectations and mod ideas… let’s have a good time and launch this game in style. :)

Also: Check out Derek’s site for some awesome-cute Naija art and his thoughts on the release!

The Links:
Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven

137 Responses to “Seven Days of Aquaria: Release Imminent!”

  1. EGM92 Says:

    HOLY SWEET MOTHER!!!! IT’S FINALLY TIME! I’m buying this game first day :D I can’t wait!

  2. Headword Says:

    Yuueueeeessssssssssas! I love you! I was starting to wonder what I’d be doing this Christmas, and now I have my answer.

  3. PeaCe Says:

    GooD lucK :)

  4. roamin' empire Says:

    yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes … yes!

  5. DialogPimp Says:

    Thanks for the Christmas present. Been waiting a long time and looking very forward to this

  6. Zuluhero Says:

    Aww man this is the announcement i’ve been waiting for - been watching this game for what seems like ages (over a year at the very least) and to finally see this news is the greatest thing ever. And just before christmas too! Well done guys, you have a purchase here!


  7. Lynk Says:


    Cheers you guys and well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bogomips Says:

    Ok, obligatory “other platforms” question ;)

    Will a Linux/OS X version be launched alongside the Windows one, or will we have to wait? How about the demo?

    In any case, congratulations on navigating the shark infest waters of game development and finally getting it out the door.

  9. Alec Says:

    OSX will come after, not sure exactly when. I have to talk to our publisher and figure that out. My guess at this point would be January, mainly because I’m not sure how much myself/others want to work during the holiday season. (I did that last year for the IGF crunch, it kinda sucked)

    Linux would come after OSX, depending on whether there is still interest in it at that point.

    It felt like it’d be best to put the blinders on for a while and get one version out right, and pick up the others as they come.

    The PC demo will probably be released at/near the same time as the full PC version.

  10. Franky Says:

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait any longer!!!!
    I’m buying aquaria for sure too!!! :)

    What are the official system requirements?

  11. P3ter_st0ry Says:

    Congratulations!!! Great work guys!!!
    This is AWESOME!!! :’)

  12. Stalfos Says:

    I’ll be waiting at the front door for the buy!

  13. Blake Says:

    Hell yes!

  14. Stalfos Says:

    Will the downloadable version be available once the Full version has been purchased, so we, fanatic boy eager to play, don’t have to wait a month or so for the full version delivery?

  15. Alec Says:

    Yeah, it’ll be out on the 7th. As in you’ll be able to buy it and download it sometime on that day!

    (i guess you might have to wait a month if you have an ancient modem or something, lol)

  16. Xiagan Says:

    Awesome! But wait… what about my thesis? I need timew to finish that too… :(

  17. Steven Jackson Says:

    I love you guys. I’d say more, but semantics can’t express the way I feel.

  18. MedO Says:

    Have a good time celebrating the release!

    I’ll try to buy it on sunday, since I’ll be away erring through the woods at the time of release.

  19. hak Says:

    uber zeit! man, ever since that video was posted i’ve wanted to play this game…

    nice one!

  20. ski309 Says:

    I’ll be waiting patiently for the Linux release :P

  21. Kal Says:


    Frikkin’ suite! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  22. realyst Says:

    Sweetness and light and all that is good. I shan’t sleep a day, nay til week next begone.

  23. Derek Says:

    “Frikkin’ suite!”

    No no, you got it all wrong! It’s just a single game! ;)

  24. Kilan Says:

    Very excited to see this finally dropping. I, too, have been following the site for what seems like forever, for this to be finished.
    Congratulations guys.

    Any thoughts on whether you’ll get this published on Steam? It worked wonders for Darwinia and Defcon for Introvision.

  25. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Aw, snap, what hotness!

    Way to go, guys!

    I’ll have to pick this game ASAP, but it’ll probably have to wait a little bit. $30 sounds like a price that’s just right, too. Very nice. Totally cannot wait, fellas.

    Blow me out of the water. ;)

  26. Brian Says:

    Oh my goodness!

    This is the first time RSS feed has really, really helped me out. What a pleasure it was to sign into My Yahoo! and see those wonderful words, “Release Imminent!” greet me!

    I’ve been following the production of this game for about half a year now after first stumbling upon this site after searching for good independent and freeware games. It came out of playing “Eternal Daughter.” I can’t wait to play this! I miss 2D games in this day and age and this looks like it will not only fill a need but set a new standard.

    Can’t wait! I’m a future customer,


  27. baldur Says:

    I have been interested in this game since the first trailer was posted on gametrailers (which was on the 11th October 2006) and have been following this game ever since.

    This is my first post around here and I am looking forward to play this game in a couple of days. You guys over at bit-blot did a fine work on this game as it looks astonishing (especially knowing that this is an independent game).

    I had a question, any plans for a boxed version?

  28. Sten Says:

    Hey Guys.

    Congrats to your finished Aquaria. I still can’t wait to buy/preorder it. It’s a really nice St Nicholas gift.

    Greetings from germany.


  29. Wesley S Says:

    Oh, I guess I’ll wait for the Linux release. I’ll try the demo in Wine though. If that works well I _might_ buy the Windows version, but still.. I’d prefer a native Linux version even if it works well in Wine.

  30. Al King Says:

    Wooness! And I can afford it too! :D

  31. Bruno Says:

    Wow! Just in my birthday!
    Congrats to you guys!!!
    Please, someone give me Aquaria as a Birthday gift. Pretty please?

  32. Stalfos Says:

    It IS also my own birthday, but I don’t celebrate those. :D

  33. Adam Atomic Says:

    doods HELL YES bring it wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  34. Redemption Says:


    I’m warming up my 14k Modem now! Should have it by Easter.

  35. Jet Says:

    o my goodness. I think the more i read of this release imminent post, ( i was reading out loud ) my voice got progressively higher and higher in excitement and joy. What a wonderful day. What a horrible week this will be waiting for the game. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’m hapopy with the price too. I just hope that the game is all that i have hoped and dreamed for. I’m sure it will be. THanks for putting in all of the extra work in making sure that the game is incredibly polished and fluid. i wish you guys the best in getting the word out. You deserve all the sales that you can get!

  36. Zam Says:

    This is the best thing since the atom.

  37. Syn Says:

    Lol, did not expect that. Congrats guys. I only regret that I will have to distance myself from the game until I finish my finals. Since I will fail them if I play Aquaria instead of studying. :p

    Btw where was that photo taking?

  38. Derek Says:

    The photo was taken at GDC! That’s Jenna on the left.

  39. Bartimaeus Says:

    Wow!! Now I can get back to pestering the Ambrosia Software folks about the Mac version! HOORAY!

  40. Rawad Says:

    About Time! I showed this website to all of my friends and they were sold…. I hope I can download because the day after I’m going back home and over there the connection is sloooow.

    I hope your server won’t cripple from the massive downloads :)

  41. Myster_EE Says:

    Is there going to be a Pre-order available? I really want to get this for my sister for Christmas, (I KNOW she’ll love it! :D) but I leave the country on the 8th for a month…… (No internet access)

  42. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    One thing I’m wondering is if we will be able to re-download it after we purchase it — I have a college laptop that needs to be re-imaged every semester, so how will I retrieve the game after I reimage?

  43. Al King Says:

    Put in on a USB key? The things are frigging huge now.

  44. SBKT Says:

    Unfortunately, I still have no feasible method of paying.

    What if I sold you my sister?

  45. John B Says:

    REALLY excited to finally get my hands on this game. I’ve been drooling over the screenshots for months. I’ll spend the next week thinking of original phrases of praise to lavish on the game. ;-D

  46. Saint Says:

    Sweet. Technical questions;
    1. What payment methods will be available?
    2. How big a download will it be?
    3. Any news about buying the soundtrack as well?

  47. Javet (the guy who does freeware game of the day) Says:

    AWESEOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1ONE This is going to be the PWNINGNESS (if that’s a term. If it isn’t, then I COPYRIGHT IT)

  48. BMcC Says:

    Wait, wait… What’s an Aquaria? :|

  49. Andrew Says:

    No nay-sayers in this blog thread. ;)

    Way to go guys! Aquaria for Life!

  50. I Like Cake Says:

    Awesome work, guys!

    It would be an understatement to say that I am super excited about this.

  51. Redemption Says:

    Forgot to say congrats! Well um…congrats!

  52. Overkill Says:

    This has been something I have been looking forward to for a very long time. I am astonished that you’ve at last finished your game, one that looks beautiful in several respects, and was made by a very limited team. This is inspiring and I can only hope that one day I will finish my own game projects as well. I wish you guys the best, and I will be sure to support Bit Blot by purchasing this game.



  53. Quemaqua Says:

    I love how many people are posting comments about this. You guys have really built up a following, and I can’t wait to be a part of launch day!

    Kudos to you both, and I wish you much future success.

  54. Gesso Says:

    Congratulations, guys! Thanks for all the hard work, and for not giving up and believing in your project! I’m sure all of us here believe in it too. Best of luck to ya. I hope you sell millions of copies. Very reasonable price, also.

    Best independent game ever?
    Sources say yes.

  55. FrancescoS Says:

    Please, release it on Xbox Live Arcade!!!!! Pleeeeease!!

  56. Barret Says:

    Man I’m so proud of you guys. I wish I could buy a million copies. I still have the original game manual :)

  57. Czechman Says:

    I have to write this in my own language because I really don’t know how to say these words of beauty about Aquaria in english or even in other languages (except of Slovakian :-D ).

    ” Kurva, ste fakt udělali hodně velké kus práce.Prostě vaša hra je je asi graficky ale vůbec ze všech oborech nejlíp zpracovaná 2D plošinovka a určitě převyšuje i mnoho 3D her.Prostě DOKONALOST SAMA.Tak dokonalá hra ta se vidí opravdu jednou za strašně dlouho a Vy ste to dokázali!Opravdu všechna čest Vám!Fakt jako doufám že se propadne do srdcí ostatním lidem stejně tak jako propadla i do mě.Držte se ”

    And few question I have on you.

    When and where will (if isn’t yet) be chat with Jenna?Really I would like to talk(or maybe write) with her.

    Once Aquaria will be released what will do people who don’t got chance to buy it by internet (because they probably don’t trust to this kind of shopping or just don’t want make special accounts-virtual bank account) and also they don’t live in USA.Simply people who like to hold it in their hands-they need to know that they got it also in the real world not only in PC, for many differrent purposes such as after installation to put it into(behind?) show case if you know how I mean it?I mean will be box edition (if will be) to buy also in other countrys like Darwinia?Darwinia can be bought in boxed edition also in Czech Republic.Will be that offer to buy it in box in Czech Republic even for price like 1000-2000 Czech crowns (korunas) one day?

    Thanks to everyone for answers.

    PS:Hope you all will understand that english text.I am learning english for a short time :*-( .And if you won’t be able to understand something just say it I will try it again to write it in better form.

  58. Sevean Says:

    Ive been waiting for this game to be released since I saw it in PCGamer about a year ago :()

    Congrats on everything you’ve achieved and I hope your game sells well :)

  59. Ezlo Says:

    It’s about time. =P Got my thrity bucks clenched in my fist right now, I will protect it with my life until the seventh, then I get AQUARIA!!! YES!!

  60. Ironimp Says:

    Congrats guys! I’ve been visiting this blog since you won IGF, waiting for this announcement to come. It’s been a fun ride, reading about the development process.

    I hope you sell piles of copies of the game! I, along with a bunch of my friends, will be downloading it when it comes out next Saturday!

    Yay for Alec! Yay for Derek! Yay for Jenna! Yay for Aquaria!

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  62. Kevin Says:

    My money => yours!

  63. Andrew Says:

    FYI it comes out on the 7th which is a Friday. I don’t want anyone to miss the first opportunity. ;)

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  67. Jose Lovern Says:

    Great post, thanks a lot :)

  68. strandedII Says:

    Nice article about this freeware game. :)

  69. Many Hands…: The Importance of Collaboration « NDB Studio Productions Says:

    [...] The Seven Days of Aquaria – [...]

  70. Oleta Scullin Says:

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