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Bit Blot is an independent game company composed of two people.

Alec Holowka ( is a programmer and composer who has worked on a wide range of indie game projects. The only thing that brings him comfort while programming to dawn through the long winter nights is the faint memory of playing Final Fantasy 6 for the first time.

Derek Yu ( is an illustrator and web developer who has previously released a handful of successful freeware games, including Eternal Daughter and the satirical action game I’m OK. He has also been running the indie game news site TIGSource for almost a year now. He basically just draws and stuff.

Interviews with Bit Blot
The Escapist: Interview w/ Derek and Alec
The 1up Show: Video Interview w/ Derek
Gamer Girl: Part One (Alec), Part Two (Derek) Text Interview w/ Derek
GameZombie: Video Intreview w/ Derek, Alec and Jenna
Gamasutra: Interview w/ Derek and Alec

Aquaria Articles
Globe and Mail: Review

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