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Day Six - Final Teaser

HQ Download (can use VLC to view)

A big “thank you” to all you folks who stuck with us through this week and an even bigger “thank you” to those who have been around since the beginning! This has been a crazy journey, and a huge chunk of our lives. I can’t accurately describe how I feel right now. Maybe excited, scared, proud, sad and happy all at the same time.

And also really, really tired. ;)

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day for us. Wish us luck! :)

We’ll aim to get the game out by the evening in PST tomorrow.

A Q U A R I _

116 Responses to “Day Six - Final Teaser”

  1. Xiagan Says:


    (first comment too ;))

  2. somebody... Says:

    yay i gots first post! (I think)
    i really want to know how the controls on this game are going to work, i know that they use the mouse, but are they hard or easy? who knows? well we’re all gonna find out soon enough

  3. Karn Says:

    Tentacles! I saw tentacles!

    No, but I kid. This looks even more awesome, now! Are those alternate colored outfits? I think I saw her in both gold and red… And you’re making us wait another day for this?! Dx


  4. Alec Says:

    I believe the proper term is “Epic Beasts”. ;)

  5. Kagenoku Says:

    I kanna hold it much longer captain, the engines goin’ te burn up.
    Anticipation can kill those who are not masters of patience, Unless one has heart disease or is at high risk for a stroke.

  6. Two Jacks Says:

    Ooo, I’m digging the disco ball enemy, and turning into a lil’ fish seems pretty fun also. Are the possibilities in this game truly endless?! :)

  7. Al King Says:

    There was definitely singing there :)

  8. Xiagan Says:

    Evening in PST? That is roundabout 4am in the morning on the 8th in Europe. *sobb* ;(

    The jump out of the water is pretty cool. :)

  9. Zam Says:



  10. illithid235 Says:

    *convulses* Awwwweeessoooommmmmmeeeee….

    I cannot wait. This is looking to be so cool…

    And yeah, that jump out of the water was very impressive. Nice addition.

  11. MisterX Says:

    Fantastic footage. So many new things we didn’t know about so far, so many things making it even harder to wait in these last hours :)
    Well, it’ll also be the early saturday morning for me, but at least I’ll go to bed with some nice thoughts tomorrow :D

  12. Kareem K Says:

    SO AWESOME!!! /me explodes

  13. M Tucker Says:

    I can’t wait until tomorrow.

    We’ll finally find out what all those blanks spell.

  14. StatikBit Says:

    wow… this game looks really good!

  15. Luciferin Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I can’t wait to try the game.

  16. Ixis Says:

    Lookin’ good, and nice trailer. I just really really hope that last shot isn’t from late in the game since it’s a pretty big spoiler. :

  17. illithid235 Says:

    AWWWWWWWW, I didn’t even notice that!!! Everyone else, resist the temptation! Don’t look!

  18. Kal Says:

    Wow…looks really awesome. A pity the HQ download doesn’t work.


  19. eric monk Says:

    I’m so exited that I don’t wanna watch the trailer to avoid any spoilers of the “greatnes” that’s maybe awaiting tomorrow ^^

  20. Shih Tzu Says:

    Huh. So is the dragon in the corner after the Bit Blot logo a secret clue of some sort? It seems to be paired with a couple of towers or little gnomes or something as well.

    Maybe it’s the first screenshot of the next game!

  21. Plaid Phantom Says:

    Apparently, if you keep trying, the d/l will work. That, or they just fixed it.

    If I hadn’t already made up my mind to buy Aquaria the moment it came out, I’d have chosen to buy it just so I could ride a giant turtle.

  22. John Says:


  23. Akhel Says:

    Oooh man. Ohmanohmanohmanohman.
    Looking awesome. Really great job, guys, can’t wait to play it. :D

  24. Gabriev Says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  25. Gesso Says:

    I’ve already said like a million times, but you guys deserve it. I wish you the best of luck. I hope it sells millions of copies.

    The trailer was really awesome too. Jumping out of the water, riding giant turtles and fighting epic octopi were some of the many things I hoped to be included in this game. You guys sure know how not to let a guy down.

    I’ll be buying it as soon as possible (if possible at all).

  26. Jet Says:

    o my goodness. I really can’t wait. I’m going into the future right now, just to let everyone know.

  27. Jack Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a demo. I’ve been waiting ever since the little message on Ambrosiasw said that this was in development. Now tomorrow all I need to do is boot up my old xp computer and hope that it runs smooth on such an old thing, otherwise I guess I need to wait a month or so for the Mac on.

  28. Tr00jg Says:

    I am holding thumbs for you guys! Make indie proud.

  29. Dan MacDonald Says:

    So much polish… really, it looks so much improved from the IGF days and it looked good then!

  30. Redemption Says:

    Fantastic new trailer. I expected to see some improvements, but that was just a whole new level of awesomeness. Hope its uploaded to gametrailers.com soon, thats a really good source of publicity.

    P.S. - I’ve been trying all day to solve this >
    A Q U A R I _ ?

  31. Edwards Says:


    I really, REALLY want to play the game now. I wonder how soon I can get my hands on something that runs Windows?

  32. Rawad Says:

    the Suspense is killing me! I must have it!!!! so many surprises so much to explore!! I’m counting the hours

  33. Sergio Says:

    Ha… that boss was so Legion.

  34. Andrew Says:

    My only concern is that the 24 hour clock won’t have enough hours in a day for playing Aquaria!

    (ie: I need to play it more than 24 hours each day! (Nevermind… stupid joke))

  35. Syn Says:

    Wow, can’t wait to finish finals and play the game! I will not be there to congratulate you guys tomorrow, but seriously, good job guys. Good luck on getting everything ready and prepare for some mass media coverage when the news of this game starts spreading! Trust me, I know a good game when I see it. I will need to play it first, but it will put a lot of big budget games to shame. :)

  36. PiSketch Says:

    Woohoo! This is going to be enormously awesome. And also Win. Now, if only i had a guaranteed windows computer to play this on… Ah well, i’ll find one.

  37. Syn Says:

    Btw guys, is it creepy if I after downloading the Hi-res version of the teaser and putting it fullscreen, after a while I unconsciously started moving my mouse around pretending I was moving Naija? lol :D

  38. realyst Says:

    Wow, other humanoid critters and something akin to a grim sea-reaper….now I’m definitely intrigued:)

  39. ian Says:

    Wow I have not been this excited about a game release for some time. Amazing stuff… can’t wait to play.

  40. Jenna Says:

    Hi Alec, Derek and everyone.

    Just wanted to wish you all the best from Cuba in time for the release tomorrow! It has been a pleasure working with you on the game. I hope people appreciate the work that you two have put in and the drive and passion you have for Indie Games!

    To everyone else, 1) buy the game 2) enjoy the game 3) tell other people to buy the game 4) continue to harass Alec about releasing a soundtrack 5) just harass Alec some more because it is fun.

    Lots of love, Jenna

  41. ryan Says:

    aww jeez derkie and alex— i’m so proud of you guys!! it’s been a long time since the post-IGF congratulations party :)
    i’m cutting out of work early tomorrow to buy the game and play it allllll weekend !!!

  42. Hiro Says:

    I might just have to put that video on loop and watch it untill tomorrow XD .

    Actually, today is the 7th in New Zealand. Can I have my copy early? ;D

  43. Kevin Says:

    Egads! Tomorrow in the evening in Pacific time? I live in Eastern time; my tomorrow evening plans are ruined. RUINED! :-p

  44. AzureKevin Says:

    Oh, btw, sweet trailer.

  45. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Totally looking forward to it, guys.

    You know I’ll be laying down $30 on day one and getting back to you with feedback, as well as trying to spread the word through my blogs.

  46. Aquaria Trailer » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    [...] Aquaria Trailer Written by Ben on December 7th, 2007 and posted in Game News Tags : Indie, pc, trailer, underwater, video In the last day before the release of the game Bit Blot have thrown out one final Aquaria trailer. [...]

  47. Sten Says:

    PST … mhm … just 9 hours a *lives in CET* so i’ll get it at saturday just when I went out of bed. =(

  48. Headword Says:

    She sings!

  49. Stalfos Says:

    Indeed, right at the end, we can hear a sample of singing!

  50. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    If you guys listened to the interview, Jenna said she did a spot of singing for the game. ;)

    Mere hours to go at this point…

  51. MisterX Says:

    Oh, two things about the song:
    1) The singing at the end of the trailer, just when the music fades out, makes the song seem a little unsuitable, as the singing is “cut off”. Just a minor thing I noticed :)
    2) From what I could hear the song sounds absolutely professional. After what Jenna said about her singing it in the Skype-interview I thought it would be just nice, but that was actually great :) Okay, well, I guess one just shouldn’t forget that she’s also a skilled singer, anyway :D

  52. the realist Says:

    Alright, kings of hype (derek and alec) it’s friday morning.

    after proclaiming this game as the single best thing to ever grace the medium of video games, how about you actually release the game? Wow, what a concept!!!

    Pffft. All hype and no bite.

  53. Pisketch Says:

    @ Realist: You’ll note that they say “evening in PST,” which is, sadly, not now. Wait another eleven hours or so, i think. Then enjoy it.


    *will enjoy the weekend*

  54. PeaCe Says:

    i cant wait :(
    is there any countdown timer for release ?

  55. Tosheros Says:


  56. YuanHao Says:

    After watching the latest video, I simply can’t wait to actually play Aquaria. Sure, videos are pretty, but you can’t judge a whole game with just some videos.

    I hope that playing it will surpass all my expectations. Good luck with the release, been there and I know that not sleeping for a whole week is a killer ;)

  57. Doupi Says:

    Its awful that its 06:20PM here… Its tomorrow for me… But its all good and all right ^_^

  58. Aaron Says:

    You guys have my money. It’s always amazing to see a group of people pull off something this fantastic.

    Congrats, and I hope you have a great launch.

  59. Assault Says:

    Amazing work Bit-Blot. I really have nothing more to say.

  60. Kagenoku Says:

    Noonish for me, but not much longer to wait for the release.

  61. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Alec, I think I am scarred…
    That video scarred me…I blame you.

    Now heal my suffering this evening.

    Also, @realist:

    THESE guys haven’t been tooting their horns as much as you say they are, it’s US that have been doing that. =P

    Your $30 from me is waiting, boys.
    Hopefully it’ll be a reasonable hour where I live…
    Either way, it IS Friday…;)

  62. Redemption Says:

    “realist” is a complete jerk. Derek and Alec have never said anything like that before.

  63. Chuck Says:

    Hey all, I checked the FAQ but couldn’t find this asked or answered. What are the system requirements for this game? It looks really beautiful and smooth, which makes me fear that my relatively old PC won’t run it :P.

  64. yavin Says:

    Chuck : Derek told me about requirements… Sorry but dual core is a minimum.

    Ok ok, just joking :)

  65. Christopher Says:

    From Chile, South America, best of wishes, every little thing in the games looks drop dead gorgeous.

    Kudos to Derek and Alec, cant wait to play the demo.

  66. Jim Says:

    Contra 4, now Aquaria. What a year.

  67. Highliner Says:

    we are the 7 now!!! I can’t wait to play

  68. Redemption Says:

    Chuck, no official system requirements yet…but Alec said it ran pretty smoothly on a system with

    - 1.6 GHz CPU
    - 512MB RAM
    - Graphics card that compares to the old GeForce 4 MX 4000.

  69. Hiro Says:

    There is a minimum spec.s topic in the forum by the way.

    And its 2pm pst… XD





  71. Jack Says:

    So? What is considered the evening? 3pm? :D Well I’ll be waiting to try the demo, I actually turned on my PC just for this! But I’ll try to (hopefully) get into Mac beta testing later this month or so. Can’t wait to play!

  72. Shih Tzu Says:

    Well, “morning” for Derek is roughly 2 PM, so “evening” must be…

    I kid!

  73. Tulsa Says:

    It is nearly midnight of seventh of september (07.12.2007) in my country,… I wanted to see the game released, but I realized time change. I am in GMT + 1 hour zone,… When it will be evening at the Vancouver BC??

    Cheers from Czech Republic

  74. mvane Says:

    seeing as there is an 8 hour difference between UTC (GMT+1) and PST and evening officialy ends at 0:00, i’d say us UTC people will get the game no later than 8:00 saturday morning… too bad i have to work.

  75. Tulsa Says:

    Thanks mvane, that sounds reasonable :o)
    Guess we’ll have to be patient, or just go to sleep….

  76. ryan Says:

    it’s 3:35 pm out in SF/BC right now… so, 4-5 more hours?

  77. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Wow, guys, looks like you’ve got quite a rabid bunch here.

    I didn’t really think of this before, but my laptop better be able to run this…=P

    I’ll check back in a few more hours and see just how many MORE comments have sprung up. ;)

  78. Tulsa Says:

    btw. september,… did I said september?? :o) I was thinking December of course :-p
    Too much work next day, so I have to go to sleep, but tomorrow,…! I’ll be back :o)

    good night to all from night time zones

  79. somebody... Says:

    hmmmm… its 7:30 right now, i think that is evening right? WHERES THE GAME?!?!

  80. somebody... Says:

    ooops… it apears that i’m in a different timezone

  81. Citrus Says:

    I am writhing in anticipation. I need to play this game. And I need to pee. Staying up all night until launch!

    Hope you guys sell a million!

  82. Terry Says:

    Right, well, it’s half past midnight here. I’m going to bed :P Hope to play this tomorrow!

  83. Dustin Says:

    I can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait. God why make us beg. Release release release!

  84. Hiro Says:

    4:40 pm now…

    Still waiting….


  85. Affliction Says:

    This is getting painful. I can only play so many games of freecell. please, hurry and be released

  86. Kvalsternacka Says:

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    … and then I realized I’m in the wrong timezone T_T. Good night and see you tomorrow ;).

  87. jo Says:

    whens it come out?

  88. anthony Says:

    oh man this is making me so so moist.

  89. AzureKevin Says:

    NOOOO, it’s already 8:30 PM here, and the game is still not out. I am running out of time to play it; gotta study for finals all weekend. NOOOOOOO

  90. AzureKevin Says:

    You’re killing me on the inside.

  91. Diablospawn Says:


  92. Sniffzilla Says:

    5:36 PM here. I can wait a bit more, but I don’t want to. :(

  93. AzureKevin Says:

    I have 42 bucks in my bank account. I guess I’ll be spending most of it.

  94. 30 dollars well spent Says:

    centithread !
    i heard they wont put they game up until this post gets 1000 replies, OH SHIT

  95. Rawad Says:

    quuiiiiick update! I have a flight to attend at night I need to download it

  96. Ricardo "Keops" Chirino Says:

    Christmas is coming early this year!

    Congratulations, Bit-Blot!

  97. RyanA Says:

    7:48 here, I guess I’m two hours ahead. I need this game!

  98. RyanA Says:

    Also, I want to be Mr. 100! ;)

  99. Redemption Says:

    Google PST people and you’ll see its 5:45 pm for Derek and Alec. The evening is usually 6:00pm…

    Seriously though, most of us here have waited a long time for Aquaria…is a couple of hours more going to kill you?

  100. HCR Says:

    Yes, yes it will.

  101. Sniffzilla Says:

    maybe in the time it takes to write this post it will be available for download?!?!!?!

  102. Sniffzilla Says:

    Dang, guess not.

  103. Redemption Says:

    Oh btw, the trailers up on gametrailers.com now.

    Very good reception, except quite a few people are comparing it to Ecco the Dolphin and some ugly looking anime game called “Odin Sphere”. Despite it not looking much like either game.

    Still, I guess the Ecco parallel can be forgiven to some extent since most people like judging games through comparisons. Strange as it is, not many games cover the underwater realm. Of the few that have used underwater environments, Ecco seems to be the favourite -although I always preferred “EVO: Search for Eden” (SNES).

  104. Hiro Says:


    Counting times…

  105. antiKk Says:

    Well it’s already 12:14pm on Dec 8th here so hopefully soon.
    Sometimes I hate living in GMT +10

  106. Sniffzilla Says:

    it says its here!

  107. Shih Tzu Says:

    It’s out!

  108. valzi Says:


  109. D3stiny_Sm4sher Says:

    Odin Sphere is not ugly, braw. That’s one of the most highly detailed and well-animated 2D games out there. Now if you don’t like the ART STYLE, that’s one thing, but objectively speaking, it is still impressive 2D stuff.

  110. Redemption Says:

    Maybe you’re right, I found the game ugly because it uses those generic anime characters.

  111. AtomixIGN Says:

    Get in touch with Nintendo IMMEDIATLY. This is needs to be on Wii ware.

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  115. Heena Says:

    nice n good work

  116. Heena Says:

    wow good job sir

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