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Aquaria 1.1.0: Food Stuffs

In addition to the changes in last week’s update, we’ve also been tweaking the food system a little bit.


Now when you place at least 2 ingredients you’ll get a preview image of what kind of food you’re about to create. If you haven’t learned the recipe yet, or if the result is a sea loaf, you’ll get a big ol’ question mark instead.

Check out more updates in the extended!


One new feature is the new sort button (upper left) that allows you to sort your food in different ways: by effect, by type and by ingredients. The menu page selection buttons also have a pronounced highlight effect denoting which page you’re currently on.


The recipe menu now displays the effect of the highlighted food at the bottom of the scroll.

Fun Fact: The cooking preview feature was originally suggested by Graham Goring!

17 Responses to “Aquaria 1.1.0: Food Stuffs”

  1. Blake Says:

    Looks fantastic!

  2. qwertz Says:

    “The recipe menu now displays the effect of the highlighted food at the bottom of the scroll.”

    That’s a really important feature! Thank you!

  3. Bartimaeus Says:

    Thank you. Now, I can’t WAIT for the Mac version to come out!

  4. trav Says:

    How do you cook underwater? Is there some sort of heat source down there?

  5. Azure Says:

    Guess I’ll add my thanks as well, so these nice changes don’t feel unappreciated. :) Both of these are very welcome. This 1.1.0 patch might warrant a replay.

    “How do you cook underwater? Is there some sort of heat source down there?”

    Yet another utility for Energy Form, I guess.

  6. Alec Says:

    Naija sings a short “cooking song” to combine the ingredients.

  7. Stalfos Says:

    I thought she was only eating sushi… :D

  8. Xiagan Says:

    Great! I always forget on which page the ingredients are and while cooking, I’m constantly scolling through them, so sorting is cool. :)

  9. Just Says:

    Great! So when’s this patch going to be available?

  10. Alec Says:

    The Windows patch will come out sometime after the Mac version is released.

  11. Windburn Says:

    Any sort of timeframe on the Windows patch, Alec?
    I’ve been checking this site a few times daily; wondering if I should hold off for a couple of weeks, or is it coming sooner than that?

    Will we be notified by mail?

  12. Bob Says:

    When I was playing I often found myself thinking of ways to make the recipe book more functional. For example, place an ingredient in the spot before you open the recipe list and have it filter only recipes featuring that ingredient. Another idea was simple clicking on a recipe to automatically cook it.

  13. Ian Says:

    Just one word: great!

  14. melissa Says:

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