1. What are the game's system requirements?

Mid/High-End Video Card
Latest Video Card Drivers w/ OpenGL support
Sound Card
200 Mb Free Hard Disk Space

2. Will we see Aquaria on platforms other than the PC and the Mac?

We're working on it! A Linux release has been looked into, but there are no definite plans for release. Regarding gaming consoles, we're doing our best! You'll just have to be patient.

3. Are there plans for a boxed release? Should I wait for it?

We'd love to do a nice boxed release or even a limited edition "special release" a some point in the future. If we do, we'll try our best to ensure that people who have already bought the game will only pay the difference. So don't wait!

4. What about a soundtrack?

Yes, we'll definitely make the soundtrack available at some point.

5. What engine are you using?

The Aquaria engine was built from scratch by Alec Holowka specifically for this game!

6. What kind of controllers does Aquaria support?

To play Aquaria, all you need is a working two-button mouse (PC), although we also support keyboard/mouse "FPS" style controls and gamepads like the Xbox 360 controller or this generic one.

7. How do I make mods for Aquaria?

Modding for Aquaria is easy! Even with zero programming experience you can use the in-game level editor to make your own maps. The editor allows you to make changes while you're playing! It makes testing new maps a cinch.

If you have a little programming know-how, though, you can use LUA scripting to create your own characters and monsters, and you can supply them with custom graphics and sound that you provide.

Check out our forums for more information about modding, and definitely read the documentation that comes with the full version of the game!

8. How do I play mods for Aquaria?

To play mods, you just need a full version of Aquaria. Once you've copied a mod into your "_mods" folder you can access it from the title screen.

9. How can I contact you guys?

You can reach us about any kind of inquiries at admin@bit-blot.com. For pronouncements of love for either Derek or Alec, our individual e-mail addresses can be found here. And, of course, you can always reach us at the Bit Blot forums!

We'd love to hear from you!