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Naija is a lonely sea creature who has called a small stretch of water her home for as long as she can remember. But a strange encounter awakens her from her life, which has, up until then, been like a dream. Suddenly, emotions she has never felt before are released, and she cannot bear to stay. She realizes that there is a world out there she has never known, and she longs to discover new waters.

The Verse

The Verse is a force that runs throughout all of Aquaria. Every ripple and wave carries with it a small piece of the Verse. Closely associated with music, it's a rhymthic pulse that can be likened to the heartbeat of the waters. All plants and animals in Aquaria obey it, to some extent, although certain areas resonate more strongly with it.

One of Naija's gifts is her ability to feel the Verse strongly, as though it were something tangible. With her powerful voice she can manipulate the Verse and use it in many ways. It aids her in cooking (which, as you can imagine, is not easy to do underwater), and also protects her from the numerous dangers underwater.

As Naija continues on her journey, her voice will inevitably become stronger. As it does, she will discover new and amazing properties of the Verse.

Jenna Sharpe


Because the voice of Naija is so important to the game's story and overall atmosphere, it was imperative that whomever we chose for the role understood the spirit of the character completely. Jenna was one of the first actresses we contacted, but was unable to get back to us for some time. Thank goodness she did, though! We can't imagine the game without her considerable talent - she gives life to Naija in a way that no one else could have!

You can visit her at her website.