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Title: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: False.Genesis on May 19, 2012, 12:54:44 AM
What's that? A new mod is out!

[ EDIT: Video here:
Another one by KS-10: ]

Without any previous announcement I now present the Meatymod!


( ( (

So what is it about?
A crossover between Aquaria and Super Meat Boy (, basically. Or "Super Meat Boy gameplay done the aquarian way", if you'd prefer that.

The story is about Naija being bored to death caused by the lack of a sequel,
who eventually starts taking mushrooms to escape her reality.
Her mind ends up in a world filled with deadly traps, unable to awake from her nightmare.

It's a hard,  high-tempo mod with ~60 maps in total, where the main goal is to make it to the end of a map alive. Those who know Super Meat Boy can guess.

More babbling can be found in the included readme, i suggest you READ IT before you start - but skip the spoiler part if possible. Online version. (

Be warned: If i had to rate this mod, i'd give it a 16+, because of:
- References to alcohol and drugs
- Some blood here and there caused by failing to reach the end alive (Don't jump into stuff that hurts, alright?!) -- but can be turned off.
- Possibly aggression inducing due to repeated failure
- Weird things happening

Alright, picture time - click to enlarge:

The intro. Best viewed when drunk!

( ( ( (

The first 11 maps are remastered and re-done original levels from super meat boy, to keep the learning curve low:

( ( ( ( ( (

(Originals here: "Tommy's cabin" ( | "Safety Third" ( | "Blood mountain" (

Then, there's a dark abyss zone with dangers around every corner:

( (

More new areas with awesome art by Frances Fawcett (;u=77490)!

( ( ( (

( ( ( (

And original, well-known areas from the game, changed into nightmarish counterparts of what they once were...

( ( ( (

Some information to get started - might be missed by many people!

( ( ( (

For a random SPOILERISH video I made during development, follow this link:
The replay system has improved a bit more since then. (Also consider that the game engine is totally unable to do replays, but I wanted to have them so it works now.)

And here's a short excerpt from the readme ( to sum it up:
(those interested in background info will find the story about how this mod came into being in the readme as well)

It took me longer than expected, but roughly 4 months after I started here's a complete mod:

* 40 regular maps
* 5 extra hard bonus maps (WAAAAAARP ZOOOOONES - Can you find them?)
* 12 additional maps (transition, beginning, and ending maps)
* 1 bonus form, replaces fish form
* 4 Bonus items with very helpful effects.
* Auto-recording and playback of replays (saved along with the game)
* Save anywhere (Press ESC on a level map to open a custom menu where you can save, among other things)
* Lots of hazards, including, but not limited to:
   + Saw blades, Saw blade shooters
   + Missile launchers
   + Gears
   + Lava
   + Sand
   + You don't really want to know
   + ...
* The good old jumping physics from Aquaria that everyone loves!
* And there is cake!


==== Q & A, SPOILER-FREE ====

Q: Is there a difficulty setting?
A: Sort of:
 - "Hard":        Play with a mouse
 - "Very hard":   Play with a gamepad or touchscreen
 - "Impossible":  Play with a touchpad

Q: How does this ..... script work ?
A: Don't even ask. You don't want to know.


Now click this huge link to get your copy: (
Requires the 1.1.3+ update i posted today (19th May 2012) - >> Get it here if you haven't already ( <<

And remember, feedback is better than anything else, so GIVE LOTS OF IT!

Have a nice day, and have fun.

(I know I'm pretty late with this one. Should have happened ~3 years ago... hope there's still enough people around who might play it. Derp.)

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: FrancesF on May 19, 2012, 05:38:38 PM
After working on some of the graphics for  "Meatymod", even though I'm not very good at jumping, I had to give it a try.  And I made it through the twelve levels of the first section, "The Reef", in an hour and a quarter - not without a certain amount of frustration, however!  The good thing is that the difficulty increases at just the right pace, so I didn't get stuck for too long at any one spot.  My worst level took about 30 tries to finish.  Now, that being said, I've seen or worked on some of the advanced levels, and I'm not sure I'll EVER be able to make it through some of them.  But if you can, you should.  It's worth it if just for the cut scenes at the end! :D

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: False.Genesis on May 19, 2012, 10:54:43 PM
Some of the later levels took me about 40-50 tries to finish (compare with "That one level" below). But I tried to put the hardest spots at the beginning of a map, and from there it gradually gets easier most of the time. I remember super meat boy had a few levels that were not that hard but quite long - but the hard part came at the very end. This is something I didn't want and tried my best to avoid it.

In total i needed about 3 hours to play through everything (savegame time counter). Of course I have and will keep the save game with all the replays, in case anyone claims the maps were not doable in par time. (Which I forced myself to do without any bonus items or tricks, which would have made it considerably easier).

Now, without giving too many spoilers away, here's an annotated list of "tropes" that await a player:

Rule 50 ( - I fulfilled it by making this mod.

Platform Hell ( - Some of the gameplay resembles this. But not all. Only one of the maps is deliberately unfair - if you know the game it is based on you will instantly recognize it.
Jump Physics ( - Most levels require good mastering of these.

Nintendo Hard ( - It definitely is.
Mushroom Samba ( - The intro. 'nuff said.
Nightmare Fuel ( - Some of the later levels, and the final boss.
Everything Trying To Kill You ( - This is nothing new.
Malevolent Architecture ( - I built the maps, I'm responsible, I'm an evil bastard.
That One Level ( - You will love it.
Wall Jump ( - Absolutely required.
Everything's better with spinning ( - A new move: Spin in the air to finetune your jump direction slightly!
Bullet hell ( - Some of the late levels.
Macross missile massacre ( - Especially the last level.
Excuse plot ( - Ah well. Sort of.
Warp zone ( - 5 of them.
Double Jump ( - Comes in *very* handy once you found it.
Eternal engine ( - The desert + volcano levels.
Nitro boost ( - You will love it once you found it.
Advancing wall of doom ( - Some levels have this.

One hit-point wonder ( - But only because jumping into a huge sawblade isn't something anyone could do a second time. Note that not *everything* kills with one hit, that would be unfair. Entities in the later levels have their normal attack power, and Naija has 5 health, as usual.
Resurrective immortality ( - Otherwise it would be unplayable.
Death is a slap on the wrist ( - This directly adds to the above.
Mercy mode ( - Does not exist. No mercy.
Brutal bonus level ( - The warp zones.
Spikes of doom ( - As nice and shiny as sawblades! And, the last level, as well as 3 of the warp zones.
Sentry gun ( - Missile launchers.
Sequence breaking ( - Some levels are deliberately set up to allow this. If you find out how...

And because i like to randomly post this image, have it now:


Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: Daxar on May 20, 2012, 09:04:33 PM
So far I've only done some random testing on a couple levels, and have only beaten the first chapter, but it's pretty awesomely epic so far. Good show! The level design is most excellent, and quite hard just the way everyone loves to hate it. Bravo!

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: Xiagan on May 21, 2012, 03:26:45 PM
Sounds (and looks) awesome!
Now that I have a bit more time than the last weeks, I'm going to try the two new mods soon. :)

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: False.Genesis on May 21, 2012, 09:26:07 PM
Uploaded new version - old one had a few rare crash and timing problems (Thanks KS-10 for pointing).
You should re-download!

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: KS-10 on June 07, 2012, 03:24:47 PM
I played some levels and here is my feedback: mod is full of win and must have! That's why I recorded my playthroughs. Hope you will enjoy that cool mod. And my vid too :) (

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: False.Genesis on June 09, 2012, 11:12:15 PM
Battle time!
Started recording me playing, for anyone who's interested:  (follow-up links are in the video description)

Rules i chose for myself:
- no cakes
- no warpzones
- no extra items
- as fast as possible
- play as good as possible so I don't have to cut out my fails!
   -- but had to, once in the second video. The start was too good to throw it away.
- one video per world, in one go (means max. 10 minutes for all levels)

(NOW BEAT ME ALREADY or be a wuss!  >:D)

@KS-10: that walljump is SO damn overpowered! ;D

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: KS-10 on June 22, 2012, 01:06:58 PM gameplay part 2  8)

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: FrancesF on June 24, 2012, 05:17:58 PM
That was very fun to watch.  I especially like the way you took care of those obnoxious parrots!  ;D

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: False.Genesis on July 02, 2012, 05:46:13 PM
Uploaded new version with a bunch of bug fixes.
Also added a new (disabled by default) blood setting because I was asked for it. I do not recommend anyone to actually enable it, it's really awful. (Feel free to hate me for this)

EDIT: Change log (

Title: Re: [Release] Meatymod!
Post by: FelipeG on August 20, 2017, 03:42:48 PM
Reading these gaming reviews ( was very fun.  I especially way you took care of those obnoxious parrots!  ;D

Yep, get them annoying parrots.