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196  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Aquaria - New Campaign on: March 24, 2008, 03:59:35 AM
Wow! Awesome feedback! Thanks for taking the time to write all that out Alpha.

Start Map
This map was a bit of a bonus. I needed a break from the energy temple so I did a small map to lead into the Energy Temple (also to see how long a small map would take me: about 3 hours). I was pretty happy with the results but maybe the problem is that the style was used for very open water sections in Aquaria and I used it in a confined space with a lot of detail. I'll see how decreasing the number of tiles looks.

Dark Layer
It would seem obvious that the dark layer would black out the minimap and be lighted by sun form but I didn't make the connection. I'll move some of the shadows.

Weird Layers
I thought the mini-boss area might look weird with all of the columns but I'll double check the columns and grass to ensure that they make sense.

Treasure Area
I made it one-way in case someone missed the entrance. They would then be curious about the window and start to look around to find an entrance but perhaps it's too obvious already so you should be able to enter through the window as well. The treasure would be displayed in the main character's home area but that doesn't exist atm and I haven't looked into any of the code...so yes atm the treasure won't display anywhere.

Map Edges
Oddly, I didn't notice the problem until very recently. I use the keyboard for movement and didn't notice any problems other than the visual issue. Then again there aren't many enemies in those spots. I can easily add black space to the MapTemplate on the right and bottom side. The left and top will have to stay as is unless Alec has developed something to move everything with the transition to widescreen.

I'll fix everything I can tomorrow and change the file stored online. Glad you liked it Alpha and I get most of my inspiration from swimming around the maps Derek created.
197  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Aquaria - New Campaign on: March 23, 2008, 01:42:48 AM
As promised, here is my first map in the Aquaria editor.  Nothing is scripted so you will learn bind and energy forms by swimming over an invisible hotspot. Can't miss bind...energy is obtained by swimming over the same character as the official campaign.

Big thanks to Alec for answering all my questions. Can't wait to hear back from you guys.

This demo map has been removed but will be playable in the final mod. The map has been slightly redesigned and polished with a bit more detail.

198  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Aquaria - New Campaign on: March 18, 2008, 03:50:57 PM
I was a tad bit ambitious in hoping to make a casual version of Aquaria. It's way out of my league and without a decent sized mod team just isn't going to happen so I've changed my plan. This will now be a new campaign that will follow a new character up to the point where the actual game starts (prequel).

The story will be told fairly linearly through text along the bottom to keep things simple. For example: Mia or Naija will be sitting on a rock and you click them to learn a story element. My plan is to release the campaign in three separate acts. Who knows if I'll finish it but I'm certainly going to try.

Here's an update on the EnergyTemple map which is about done. The plan is to release this map sometime this weekend (without any story elements) just to get some feedback on enemy density/layout/etc.

199  Aquaria / Modding / Aquaria: Sacrifice v1.12 on: March 03, 2008, 04:42:30 AM
Sacrifice on ModDB

Aquaria: Sacrifice is an extensive, narrative driven prequel campaign featuring prominent characters such as Prince Drask, Mia, Naija, and The Creator. Extending beyond the current Aquaria universe will be the introduction of a number of new characters. One of these is Princess Elena, wife of Prince Drask, which will serve as the new protagonist. The story will be helped along with all new maps and a few spiffy cut scenes. Unlike Aquaria the story will be told through a classic adventure dialogue system. The name of the mod, Sacrifice, is related to the individual sacrifices made by each character.

Unlike most Mithalan women, Elena never wanted to be associated with royalty...let alone a princess. However, her love for Prince Drask removed any such fears. Together they have been extremely active and effective rulers and thus well loved. Even the decision to annihilate the Krotite’s after the Erulian massacres was almost unanimously supported. But these have all failed in comparison to the loss of their god…their creator…Mithala.

Although he traveled away from his people on occasion it was for never more than a few months. Mithala has yet to return from his last journey and that was some ten years ago. This abandonment has plagued the people of Mithalas and caused obvious political and religious upheaval. Despite being religiously devout even Prince Drask has begun to lose faith.

Fearing further desertion Prince Drask feels he cannot leave his city in search of answers as he once had. His trust in those close to him has been slowly waning and as such he has turned to his wife Elena to seek council outside of their waters. As Elena begins to delve deeper in her journey she finds that all sentient life is being slowly destroyed. Her fateful journey leads her through adventures both harrowing, tragic, and strange to a final battle she cannot win. Mithalas will fall.

Aquaria: Sacrifice v1.12  (31.4mb)
-- extract to aquaria/_mods/
-- you must be updated to the most recent version of Aquaria



Level Creation Time Lapse: "Crash Landing" on YouTube [HQ]
Level Creation Time Lapse: "Crystal Cave" on YouTube [HQ]
Transit and Dialogue System: wmv(12.1 mb) or divx(11.1mb)
Collectible Vendor: wmv(11.7mb) or divx(9.94mb)
Food Vendor: wmv(4.98mb)

World Map
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