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1  Aquaria / General / Re: $1 million on the HIB! Open Source Aquaria FTW! on: May 12, 2010, 12:36:30 AM
When Aquaria goes open source, someone else can finally fix all those stupid little bugs. Smiley

But seriously, Today feels like a good day.  Azn

I have to say I'm  surprised. I remember when a Mac port had only just begun and talk of a Linux port made it seem tenuous at best and now Aquaria is being open sourced. May I ask what it was that motivated such a decision? You really don't see games of Aquaria's quality being open sourced at all, generally. I get that you've probably got most of the revenue you would have already but still, this is unprecedented.

It's interesting, with the ongoing situations at major publishers right now. Ubisoft's DRM requiring constant connection to the net, Activison Blizzards CEO "issues" etc etc. All the while we seem to be experiencing more and more of a groundswell of indie developers. In the last year or two I've bought (far) more indie games than big titles. If you'd have told me that 5 years ago I never would have believed you. This coupled with more mediums with fairer pricing for indies (steam, phone app stores (except the iphone since the licence change)) and the (apparently) huge popular support making even "donate whatever you want" schemes viable seems to echo a new era in gaming.

If you went back 5 or 10 years and tried this, i'm not sure it would work, I'm not sure the culture would be there. At the very least you would be laughed at by the very industry you are now a very successful part of. Is this the beginning of change on the scale of the record industry? I'm starting to think it is. Massive budget games and film seem to be becoming more and more obsolete. Of course there are always exceptions (MW2, Avatar respectively) but those are fewer and further between than ever before - Well, at least the ones that make money.
2  Aquaria / General / Re: Some Big News Today... on: May 07, 2010, 01:34:06 PM
I imagine there will be a statistical writeup on the sales after it's over. I'm really interested to see the details Smiley
There's more info about the average contribution on now.

Quite interesting, taking the average contribution for each sale (per platform) results in roughly:
70.9% of sales - Windows (53% Contribution)
16.6% of sales - Mac (24% Contribution)
12.5% of sales - Linux (23% Contribution)

I'm probably out a few percent but that should be broadly correct.

Edit: Clearly I'm a total noob and missed the blog post about this:

"Our breakdown for number of donations per platform is: 65% Windows, 21% Mac, and 14% Linux. However, when we look at the amount donated per platform, we see something different. Our breakdown for total donation size per platform is 52% Windows, 25% Mac, and 23% Linux. "
3  Aquaria / General / Re: Some Big News Today... on: May 05, 2010, 01:53:17 PM
Note: This is also the first release of the Linux version of Aquaria. Smiley (1.1.3)
Awesome! I've been waiting for this. I've only posted here once before and that was to show support for the port Smiley

I noticed the combined Mac + Linux contribution seems to be around the 47% mark as compared to Windows (while only making up ~10% potential customers). I'm wondering.... what is each demographic willing to contribute per head? Out of interest. I'm assuming the sales numbers are Windows -> Mac -> Linux, in number?
4  Aquaria / General / Re: Aquaria and Linux on: August 13, 2009, 02:22:28 PM
Woo! Just made an account to say thanks Grin
I've been looking at Aquaria for a while now and I'll definitely buy it when the port comes out  Cheesy
I'll make sure to spread the word.

Maybe i'm being overly ambitious  but if sales go well would it be reasonable to assume there would be a possibility of future projects also being considered suitable for porting? (ala introversion software?)

If you're interested you could probably get some free publicity talking to the guys at the magazine sells very well. Similar to PC Format.
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