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1  Bit Blot / Games / Re: Endless Ocean for the Wii on: January 23, 2008, 11:31:02 AM
Now there was a problem I had with Bioshock.  All this water everywhere and not once was there any swimming section. No "Holy crap you're going to drown if you don't get this door open" segments or sudden floodings and Sphere-like moments where you have to swim from one section to the other. Just little trundles through puddles and a bit of surface paddling at the start

What's the point of chucking loads of money into the surface of water if you're not going to have a swish around underneath and marvel at all the seaweed/dolphins/caustics/refraction/predatory tunicates.

Slightly off topic, but y'know, water and all that :p

On the subject of "Ooh that's quite like Aquaria/Features water" I don't suppose anyone ever played "Laser Dolphin"?  :p Found it ages ago on  an old uk PC Magazine cover disk.
2  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Mod Idea: Achievements on: January 15, 2008, 10:03:00 AM
You *Could* do a similar thing to the current treasure system and have collectable Trophies of sorts (That maybe also produce a steady supply of food supplies or restore your health or what have you) , or alternate costumes as well
3  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Multiplayer in Aquaria on: January 10, 2008, 11:41:21 AM
TeamAquariaFortress :p

I mean, with Li as an Engineer, Krotites as Heavies and Naija as either a scout or spy you could have some entertaining times :p

But I suspect Multiplayer is something that would be faiiiirly tricky to just add on. T'would need some Hard Coding support from the devs, and it's probably unnecssary for now

The 2 player-1 screen thing is possible.  Co-op with Li as an actual playable character could work to some degree... (dunno how you'd get access to 2 different controllers though, but then I haven't looked)
4  Aquaria / Modding / Annachronism on: January 09, 2008, 02:34:38 PM
Anachronism: [ uh-nak-ruh-niz-uhm ]
1- Something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time
2- An error in chronology in which a person, object, event, etc., is assigned a date or period other than the correct one

Do not be afraid, little one. I will explain why I have brought you to this place...

We were one of the first species to crawl out from the depths of the oceans...
Over time we learned ancient secrets, and became Wise and Powerful. We saw ourselves as Gods of this world.

We built this place - The Observatory - To watch over the younger species.  We have witnessed the birth of Humanity, the rise and fall of the Creator, and much more.  In this place one can observe all that is, all that was, and all that will be...
And so we did.

But if one looks too far into what is to come, you will see things you cannot possibly comprehend.  We saw the darkness, the pain and the suffering that we would bring upon ourselves...

We saw our End...

At first we ignored the warnings, but one by one they became reality.  Our fear and paranoia trapped us within our sanctuary until eventually... We tried to change destiny itself, without realising that our own actions were the cause of our destruction... 

You must help us. You must stop this before all existence itself is threatened... Our mistake could destroy all life on this world if not amended, and somehow the answer lies with you... Search this place, learn its secrets...

I brought you here and I am sorry... I took you from your home, your friends, your life and I tore you through time itself to this place and I am sorry.  I took your voice and your memories and I brought you to this nightmare we created, all because of a little hope that somehow you were the one who could save us...

I killed you, Anna...

...And I am sorry

Announcing my WIP Mod: Annachronism for Aquaria!

What is it?
- A Mod I'm working on for Aquaria, set in the same Universe but seperate from the original game. Will feature much of the same style of gameplay as Aquaria.

Who's the main character?
- Another Mithallian (or however you call them), like Naija, but with a very different past.  She is torn through time itself to The Observatory: A vast, floating city, ruled by an ancient and mysterious race. Her voice and memory are destroyed during the journey through time, and after recovering from the initial shock, she also cannot recall what her true name is.

What's the story?
- Guided by a mysterious spirit who warns of impending doom and destruction, "Anna" (as she is referred to) must search the Observatory and discovery its history and its purpose, and also prevent the destruction of all existence at the hands of a mysterious antagonist.

What will it feature?
- New Bosses!
- Less focus on combat/more focus on puzzles & Exploration.
- Completely seperate storyline from Aquaria (with some minor references obviously)
- Fully original world to explore using completely new art
- New voice acting, new music, new story and twists galore!

How long will the mod be?
- Not as long as aquaria, probably around 2-5 hours max.

What is its current status?
Currently WIP:
- Main Character first design is down and tested. Few things to sort out here
- First area is designed, art is in progress
- Story is more or less finalised
- Music is work in progress (ie. I've done half a track)
5  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: Gameplay FAQ (Read before posting) *Possible Spoilers* on: January 09, 2008, 11:45:59 AM
<pedantry> Nautilus Prime is a she Wink - cf. </pedantry>

And Knowing is Half the battle :p (Updated)

Also I haven't included boss strategies on the grounds there's already a fairly non-spoiler topic up for those, but I have inlcuded the Sunken Temple "How do I build the statue" bit, just in case anyone has a problem
6  Aquaria / Modding / Re: New adventure awaits... on: January 09, 2008, 11:30:07 AM
Sounds good good! May as well keep all the updates in one thread as you go (Pictures, demos, music etc) :p That way it can be linked easier to the Mods List sticky

More difficult than the original game? You crazy fool :p j/k, I'm all for a hefty boss battle to the face any day (Heck, I want the Aquaria equvilent to Shadow of the Colossus, climbing up a boss and blasting its weak points Cheesy )

Also bare in mind that some of the things (New Recipes etc.) aren't particularly easy with the current level of scripting (Although of course there may be later, depending on how much the devs want to move to a scripted base). Enemies/Bosses/Worlds and possible Song System are in though Smiley

7  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: The ending, final boss, etc. [Obviously spoilers] on: January 09, 2008, 11:07:29 AM
Makes sense, the blue crystals do contain spirits/memories of the past as proved in the game

Also, the identity of the black haired girl in the 2nd ending can be explained with a little hunting in the editor Cheesy (Not exactly a name or anything, but a rough idea as to where she fits in relationshipwise)

Also, I'm from the school that says don't make a cliffhanger ending unless you plan to make a sequal :p
8  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: Gameplay FAQ (Read before posting) *Possible Spoilers* on: January 09, 2008, 09:55:15 AM
Added, wanted to do the whole "Highlight text" spoiler system, but this works Cheesy

Also spaced them out a bit so when you carefully scroll down you won't specifically spoil the next section as much
9  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: Gameplay FAQ (Read before posting) *Possible Spoilers* on: January 08, 2008, 05:17:03 PM
Good point, I tried to be ambiguous with things like how to get past the sunken city door, but obviously the lower down the list you go the harder it becomes to keep things quiet Smiley

Removed Boss Links now, since the Boss Strategy Topic should contain everything necessary, may do the same with secret things, but I'd like ideally to tell people what is classed as a "Secret" (And so will be listed on both the Map and the Treasure Guide) - Things like the Simon Says Boss, Fish Form, Memories etc.

Basically I'm just trying to keep a library of the more useful topics on the forum, so any suggestions and additions are welcome Smiley
10  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: [spoilers] Rank Your Favorite Forms on: January 08, 2008, 02:10:12 PM
I'll put the sun form as my favorite, because crawling through the Abyss with just a little headlight wondering what you might run into in the dark was rather fun, and tense

Mm, Seconded.  I also found the final Bosses' 3rd form (When he's crawling about in the caves) incredibly atmospheric and creepy.  Good use of softer and louder music to boot.

Favourite form has to be either Beast or Energy in the end.  Beast for its speed and its muching, Energy for its fully powered laser death after some nice hot food...
11  Bit Blot / Games / Re: Console poll on: January 08, 2008, 02:01:55 PM
This could take a while...

Want:  nothing

3 PCs, one very very very good one, one for music making, and a laptop
Mega Drive/Genesis
Atari 2600
Atari ST
Atari STe
DS Lite
PSP Slim
Xbox 360 (Technically it's my gf's, but she only really wanted it for the promise of RE:5...)

Gameboy Advance SP
DS (original)
PSP (original)
Commadore Amiga
Master System

Never Had
NES (friend did)
Gamecube (Everyone else did though :p )
N64 (As above)
Game Gear (Heavy as hell...)
Jaguar/Spectrum/so on...
12  Aquaria / Gameplay / Gameplay FAQ (Read before posting) *Possible Spoilers* on: January 08, 2008, 12:31:20 PM
LastUpdate: Removed a hefty spoiler, added Bold Text(tm), added Map Key, "Where to go next?" questions



Right, I'm including a collection of popular questions reguarding gameplay which will include Boss Strategy links, Hints on what do, common puzzle solutions and so on:

Please read this and see if your question is here before you ask about it on the forums, since there's a lot of repetition going on. Be warned there may be minor spoilers in this topic but I'll try and cut them down as I can. Hopefully one of the Admins/Mods'll sticky this so people can see it, I'll update it as I go/remember/am reminded of things

So without further ado:

Useful Links (Will probably contain hefty spoilers: Use at own risk)
(Use this if you're stuck at either a main boss or miniboss, contains very minimal spoilers other than a few names)
Ixis Boss Strategies:

Ixis Secrets/Treasure/Costumes/Memories/Yay Guide: Ixis Treasure Hunting FAQ (Spoilers)

SilverKitty's Big List O' Recipes: - SilverKitty's Guide to Recipes (Spoilers)

Map of the Game (Ultra Spoilers):
(Contains treasure locations, boss locations, song list etc. etc. Pretty much everything you need)


--Common Questions
Q- "*Insert thing here* Doesn't work/Look Correct/Game Crashes/ etc."
A- Make sure you have the latest patch. Head to the support forum and update the game, which tweaks and fixes many things.

Q- "What do all the symbols on the map mean?"
A- White Circle: Possible Exit from Area: Try explore all of these in an area
Red Circle/Red Crystal: Save Point
Turtle: Ancient Turtle Point
Green Line With Two Green Circles: A special form will allow you to pass through these tunnels
Other: Special Landmark (Boss, etc.)

Q- "How do I Wall Jump?"
A- Jumping up walls is a handy technique that's almost essential to learn for fully completing the game.  Basically, if you jump out of the water onto a wall, Naija will stick to the wall.  If the wall is steep, Naija will fall off after a short while, so you can quickly dash-jump off the wall onto another wall and continue this.  Remember Naija jumps towards the cursor, so basically just move the cursor to where you want her to jump and dash away.  Practice makes perfect, and she takes no fall damage so no worries there :p

Q - "What do the big Turtles do?"
A - Find more than 1 and you can instantly teleport between areas.  They make backtracking and exploring easier.

Q - "How do I make xxx Recipe?"
A - - SilverKitty's Guide to Recipes (Spoilers)

Q - "How can I always have 3 slots of cooking without using a kitchen?"
A - You need to beat the secret "Simon Says" Boss. Check Secrets for more.

--Starting Area
Q - "How do I kill Nautilus Prime/The Big Shelled thing?"
A - You will need an ability to shoot, which can be found by completing the Energy Temple.  Swim around her and dash when she is about to charge you.  Keep blasting the fire button and eventually she'll go down and a prize'll be yours in the upper little cave

--Energy Temple
Q - "Finished this place, where do I go next?"
A - Now you can open those doors, maybe you should find another one in the main area.
Spoiler: Find a pearl to the east of this area and take it to the slot next to the door, then charge the pearl with Energy Form

--Open Waters
Q - "AAAH Where do I go?"
A - Head to either Kelp Forest or Mithala for now... I'd recommend Kelp Forest, it's North.  A good idea is to start exploring Open Waters clockwise...

--Kelp Forest
Q - "Where is the Kelp Forest?"
A -  The Northern part of the Open Waters.  Long green Kelp Plants give this area away

Q - "What's the deal with the fish Cave?/How do I swim down tiny gaps?"
A - A useful song allows you to swim down tiny passages into secret areas.  It is entirely optional to get.
To solve the Fish Cave puzzle and get the song, you must lure the correct colour of fish to their respective song stongs (There are 4). Do this by singing the correct colour of note to lure that colour of fish.  When enough fish are near the stone, the stone glows brightly.  Get all four stones glowing and the song is yours.

Q - "What are those little green Pod things (One in Naija's Home and others about)?
A - You can force them open using an ability, but you'll need to finish Kelp Forest first to get it.  They're tunnels connecting various areas, some allow you into secret areas.
Spoiler: Use Nature Form Charged Shot of them

Q - "Beat the boss, now what?"
A - Your new ability will allow you to make sense of those odd Green Hatch/Pods, but it's not essential for getting to the next area.  Head back to Open Waters and head east until you find a series of ruins and statues...

Q - "Where is Mithala?"
A - Head straight east through the Open waters until you find various mer-statues and houses.  A cutscene'll introduce the place

Q - "What do those weird runes say?
A - (Spoilers)

Q - "I can't swim up fast currents/How do I get in the top path?"
A - You'll need a new form which you get at the end of Mithala that allows you to swim up fast currents
Spoiler: You'll need Beast Form, which is gained from beating the Mithala God Boss

Q - "How do I defeat those many-eyed things in the Cathedral?"
A - *Insert method here* - Swim all around them hitting each eye once and then blast them (can't remember if this is accurate, will update)

Q - "How do I pass the Steam Vents/What are the little blue crystals for?"
A - There's a form which allows you to pass obstacles and then right clicking on the blue crystals teleports you to there.  Get it by defeating the Priests by entering the Cathedral using the secret tunnel entrance in the upper part of Mithala (You'll need to find a way to pass the currents up here)
Spoiler: Spirit Form is gained from a secret boss: The Mithala Priests.  You'll need both Nature and Beast form to reach this last area of the Cathedral

Q - "Naija says she's not sure if she should be here/that she should explore elsewhere first?"
A - Don't worry, if you're here you can beat the boss... But it *will* be a tricky one Smiley

Q - "Beat the boss, now what?"
A - You can either try exploring *ALL* of Mithala and uncovering another boss or you can use your new ability to reach all those new areas.  Ideally you want to head to the veil

--The Veil
Q - "How do I reach the veil"
A - In the far North-East of the Game, but you'll need an ability to help you overcome the currents.

Q - "I've found somebody! But all he does is run off and sit there in his cave"
A - Listen to what Naija says.  You need to take his shell off, and Naija has an ability for moving heavy objects...
Spoiler: Chase him into his cave, when he stops running away, use your Bind Song on him

Q - "What am I doing here?"
A - There's another "Dungeon" here to explore, it's fairly easy to find so look everywhere.
Spoiler: In the eastern section of the Veil you'll find the Sun Temple

Q - "There's a giant sick turtle! How do I help it?"
A - You don't. It's just there... Explore this area a bit more though, there's treasure to find!

--Sun Temple
Q - "How do I raise the water level/Turn Gears?"
A - Non-Moving Gears can be turned by repeatedly rolling Naija nearby them.  Do it enough and the water changes

Q - "I found a really dark area, I can't see anything!"
A - You'll need that blue crystal you found by raising the water level.  Bind it, and then raise and lower the water level to get it to the Sunny room up in the top left of the area (Up the big long vertical shaft).  It'll eventually shine and fall off its little support, allowing you to take it with you

Q - "OMG What is with all these Spikey things in the Boss chamber?
A - One of your forms is immune to their damage. Enjoy!
Spoiler: Nature Form again

Q- "What use is the ability gained from the Sun Temple Boss?"
A- Now you can explore dark areas and the Abyss.

--The Abyss
Q- "Where's the Abyss?"
A- Just keep heading down from Open Waters. You'll find it... (It's very dark)

Q- "Where am I going?"
A- Down.  At the very bottom there will be two paths to take which will be closed.  Under certain circumstances, one of them will open...
Spoiler: Make sure you have Li, the companion you find in the Veil

Q- "I found a big Door with a strange symbol on it... She says she recognises it... How do I get past it?"
A- You'll need help, and help comes from somebody swimming about up in the Veil.
Spoiler: Make sure you have Li, the companion you find in the Veil

Q- "Big... Purple Tentacled Thing Blocking the way down?"
A- This is the last place you'll visit.  Make sure you've been everywhere else before here... It'll clear itself in time
Spoiler: You'll have to finish Sunken city first

--Seahorse Racing
Q- "How do I win?"
A- Two things you can do: First remember that one of your forms can stop time, also remember that certain food makes you swim faster...

--The Whale
Q- "I found a whale! How do I get in?"
A- You'll need the Whale Song (*Insert Song here*), you find it

Q- "I'm in, what now?"
A - *Insert answer here*

--Frozen Veil
Q- "I found a frozen place... What do I do here?"
A- There's an optional boss and a Health Upgrade in it for you, but it'll require skillful jumping/cooking to reach him and then skillful skillness to beat him.

--Sunken City
Q- "I can't get in!"
A- I told you, you need help to open the door.  Someone in the Veil, swimming around or hiding in a cave'll know how.

Q- "I've done the ghost boy puzzles, but now I'm at a door and I'm playing the song on the wall but it does nothing"
A- The top three notes are played three times, with the vertical note "Verses" being played once.  The complete song will sound like the main theme tune you hear, and the song the ghost woman sings to you in this area.  When played correctly, the door opens.
(IE: If the song is displayed like:
1 2 3
You play 1234-1235-1236 all in one go!)

Q- "What do I do in the last room?"
A- You'll need the stones in the upper section (where all the currents are), bind them and bring them down to the ghost boy and he'll build a statue.  Then something will happen!

Q- "Ok... I'm done here but what do I do now?"
A- Head back to the bottom of the Abyss to the big purple thing, or I'd also recommend you prepare yourself (find recipes, more secrets etc.)

--The Body
Q- "How do I free my friend?"
A- You'll need 4 spirits which you'll find in 4 opposite directions of the maze/body.  Once you've got 'em all return and free your friend with the song you hear...

Q- "How do I use the ability I gained from doing that?"
A- Kill enemies with your new form, and when fully charged (After a few enemies) charge up, switch to Naija, and release the attack button.  You'll kill everything on screen.  Master this before continuing...

Q - "Naija's Memories? What are those?"
A - Three Memories you can uncover by reaching certain areas of the game.  Upon seeing all three you'll granted a special bonus ending when the game is over.  Their locations are as follows:

- Mithala City: One of the small houses with the Kitchen in it
- Sun Temple: Before the boss room, work your way all the way up to the top exit of the Sun Temple (Requires tricky jumping on and off of cogs in the top two rooms) and reach the floating bubble above the temple
- The Whale: Enter the whale and solve the puzzle within (see above) to get the Pearl, then swim to the nearby Pearl Gate, charge it, and head in for the last memory.

Q - "Pets/Costumes/Treasure/etc?"
A - Ixis Treasure Hunting FAQ (Spoilers)
13  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: Li? on: January 08, 2008, 11:33:24 AM
The first thing you need to do is get his helmet off, and Naija already has an ability for moving heavy things about
14  Aquaria / Modding / Re: Naija sprites on: January 08, 2008, 09:03:30 AM
The Above Works with one exception: Naija's "Blink" animation (And I'm guessing her emotes too) for her head overrides it again.  While swimming around normally the new head texture displays fine but once she starts blinking it flips between the two
15  Aquaria / Gameplay / Re: Aquaria Boss Strategies on: January 07, 2008, 04:08:06 PM
man, i'm trying to beat the final boss, final form. i'm not sure i understood the strategy right. I thought it was that li would blast the head inside the weird stomach mouth when it fires the big blue beam. and then, either that would kill him after a few reapeats or that it would release monsters to charge up the naijia form to kill after a few repeats. am i doing something wrong here?

*edit* *30 seconds later*
AH, it's my timeing, have to hit the mouth BEFORE it fires. sheesh, 1/20 tries at THAT so far. and i'm still not she if it's naija or li i need to REALLY kill him

Hitting the Beam-Spewing-Stomach-Head (There's a line I thought I'd never say) with Li is used simply to unleash creatures to charge up Naija's Blast Attack.  When fully charged, unleash it on the boss and then repeat this process.  After 2-3 odd Naija Blasts the boss'll be defeated. Only Naija's Blast'll end up killing him
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