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Author Topic: Questions on the Arnassi Civilization (possible spoilers)  (Read 4489 times)
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« on: August 30, 2013, 11:24:51 PM »

I finished Aquaria last year, and while I really loved it (the most satisfying ending to a game I've played in years), there were some things that I was confused about.  Specifically, what's the story behind the Arnassi?  Were the ruins part of some content that was cut from the game?  
Whenever I went there, I didn't see much to do there besides the seahorse races (which I never seem to beat)and a miniboss crab.  Yet there's statues of seahorse-men all over the ruins, there's a statue seahorse head in the chamber before the final boss, and the steam achievement "Speed Racer" shows the bust of a seahorse-like creature.  Did I miss something?  The Arnassi seemed like a cool civilization and I would love to hear whatever backstory they have.
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