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Author Topic: Aquaria Boss Strategies  (Read 228384 times)
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« on: December 19, 2007, 06:04:21 AM »

A lotta people keep asking for help, I wanna take a break, and I haven't seen a post like this yet. So if someone asks for help on boss strategies you can point them here and lambast them for not using the search feature (or something...)

NOTE: This WILL contain some spoilers if you try looking at bosses you haven't found yet. Just check the one you're on. Note, there really won't be spoilers other than the name of the boss... Or something... Anyway,

Oh, and I could use the names of any of these bosses if you know them!


Energy Temple Boss:
Shoot him with energy blasts until he backs up. Use the bind song to grab the pearl at his feet and place it in the statue to the east. Then when he gets close enough hit the pearl and turn on the laser. After a while he won't openly walk into the laser, so lure him close by swimming past the laser line and enticing him into the laser's area with your energy burst ready, then hit the pearl when he's close enough.

Wait until he walks to the left and spits out a little zombie merman. When that happens lure the zombie merman by the green gas (warning, Mithadra can grab you if you're by the green gas hole too long. Use energy form to make him let go.) When the zombie merman passes the green gas he'll turn into a bloated zombie merman. Bind him, and while he's still binded go into energy form and his Mithadra until he backs up past the shaft of light. Then go back into normal form, unbind the bloated zombie in the middle of the area and dash to the bottom of the screen to hold unto the ground and not get sucked up into Mithadra's mouth. Repeat until his eyes explode (WTF?!) and everything starts going all red-epilepsy. Then blast him till he stops moving.

Sun Temple Worm Thing:
Go into energy form and eat a lot of speed soup so he doesn't catch you, then make circles around him and shoot him. Also apparently you can hang off to the left side of the screen and shoot him with energy bolts and he won't touch you.

Kelp Forest Boss:
Dodge the enemies and wait until she starts singing. Copy her note and then go into energy form and spam energy blasts. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Sunken City Boss:
Go into beast form and eat the pink jellyfish when they appear. Then use that ammo to blast the singing wraith when you have a chance. While she's knocked out you can shoot the big hulking sea frankenstein thing. After a while the wraith will die and you can blast the frankenstein until he stops moving.

Final Boss Form 1:
Shoot his head and dodge his attacks until he changes.

Final Boss Form 2:
Shoot his upper body and dodge his attacks until he runs away.

Final Boss Form 3:
Chase after him, go into the room with lots of tunnels and use the sun form to uncover his location, then shoot him in the eye, dodging his swipes. Eventually he will run into the room to the southeast. Enter here and keep your distance while shooting his eye and dodging his lunges. Eventually he transforms again.

Final Boss Form 4:
Copy his notes and the laser bubbles will disappear. Copy his notes enough times and he'll fall.

Final Boss Form 5:
Shoot his braincase at the top left of his head and reveal his eye. Shoot the muscle off of the eye until it dulls and becomes invulnerable, then remove the eye with the bind spell. Next go down to his stomach and use the dual form Li to shoot his mouth for a second (then get out of the way of the laser.) After a while enemies will spawn. Kill them and absorb their power. When Li is charged up turn into dual form Naija and make an energy blast near the stomach. Repeat this 4-5 times while avoiding giant colorful balls of death and stuff. Enjoy the ending.


Nautilus Prime:
Move around her until you can shoot her head, and do so. Also avoid tiny nautilus enemies.

Octopus Prime(?):
Get close to it's mouth and a pearl will appear. Shoot it then move out of the way of the tentacle. Shoot any squids that spawn, and use the Sun form to get rid of the darkness.

Frog King Prime(?):
Just move out of his way and shoot him when he comes bouncing by.

Energy Crabs(?):
Dodge their attacks and shoot them to death.

Arnassi Crab:
Use the nature form to give him a thorny-enema.

Jellyfish of Death:
Spin around him, avoiding lasers and shoot the hole in his eye. Use the beast form to clear away those annoying jellies.

Frozen Veil Crab:
Wait till he's about to spit out bombs, bind one, then use the nature form to jump out of the bubble and shoot the area under his legs. Unbind the bomb close to his head and swim away from there. It'll go off and he'll take damage. Repeat several times for best results.

Mithalan Priests:
Wait until they go out of ghost form and shoot the crap outta them.

Ok, are there any I missed?

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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2007, 06:37:19 AM »

What about those three eyeball minibosses that you have to eliminate before Mithalas?

Although those guys are pretty easy, shoot all of the eyes, avoid the lasers and probably pop some healing food, then his weak spot which is a reddish bulge comes out of some orfice, then shoot that until it explodes. Also try avoiding hitting the eyes again because they'll shoot lasers. Its the same strategy for all three of those minibosses right before Mithalas.

Also, in the movie clip, I think it mentioned the worm gods name as Sun, not sure. Or maybe the worshippers called it that.

Besides Mithalas, 'the creator', and possibly the Sun god worm, the bosses don't really have any given names.
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« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2007, 07:36:52 AM »

You forgot that in the final bosses 5th form you have to use sun form to make the eye vulnerable.

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« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2007, 09:08:02 AM »

If, for whatever reason, you do the Body first and not to the Jellyfish Boss, I have to say that because of the endless supply of Jellyfish, Dual Form works wonders on the Jellyfish boss, meaning you can at least have jellyfish outfit ready for the final boss and Gauntlet

That said, it probably works wonders on anything that spawns additional bad guys Cheesy

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« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2007, 09:44:54 AM »

Actually, King Jelly is quite easy with just Energy and Beast Form, if you're patient enough.
At the beginning, when only spawns a few creatures and does not shoot these beams, yet, you can simply shoot away on him and avoid the mini-jellies.
When he starts shooting, however, I ALWAYS was in Beast Form, when he was shooting, eating away on the mini-jellies, and when he stopped, switched to Energy form, swam to his open spot and fired like a madman.
Then, back to beast form, swimming back and forth eating the mini-jellies and repeating this procedure.

It probably takes a tad longer this way, but is probably the easiest way to bit him.

Oh, and of course you NEED to use the Form-Shortcuts here. With singing, this boss is near impossible :p
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« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2007, 12:15:10 PM »

Well, I may as well post these here, then.

I was originally going to do this for all the bosses, but I've kinda lost interest in Aquaria. Stupid world map killing my interest.

So yeah, here's some of the bosses in super Walkthrough depth:

Boss: Energy Statue
Location: Energy Temple
Required Forms: None
Attacks: Energy Bolts - When you hurt it, it fires energy bolts at you. The
more you damage it, the more bolts it fires.
Hints: The energy bolt can sing, too.
Just because you got a new song, don't forget about your old ones!
Guide: First up, cast shield. Check your menu if you forgot how to sing
it. Second, wait for the little energy bolt thing to sing, then
repeat the note he does. Hold it for a second or two and it'll get
annoyed and try to blast you. This is where shield comes in handy,
you reflect the bolts! Try blowing up the 4 energy crystals around
the edge of the room with reflected bolts for fun.
After several rounds of repeating the energy bolt's notes, it'll
die and the statue itself will sing a song. Repeat this song to
end the encounter!
Rewards: Energy Form.

Boss: Energy God
Location: Energy Temple
Required Forms: Energy
Attacks: Let's Get Physical - When you are within range, it occasionally
lunges and bites at you.
Let's Get Physical 2 - More often than not, however, it will
simply reel back then swipe at you. Dodge backwards to avoid it.
Energy Blasts - It also fired 3 slow non-homing energy blasts at
you when you are out of melee range.
Hints: Flashing yellow doesn't mean he's taking damage, however it does
make him move back. Maybe he's guarding something?
Forcefields don't just hurt you.
Guide: This fight contains two parts. The first part requires you to
blast the God as much as possible to make him move back. This
reveals a pearl he was guarding. When the God is far enoug back,
  switch to song form and Bind the pearl. Take it far to the right
  to find a socket for it. Once it is in it's socket, change back to
  energy form. Now comes the second part of the fight.
Move to wherever the God is, he should still be at the back firing
  energy balls at you. Get close enough to him so that he swipes for
  you, then dart back to the right. After swiping he'll crawl
  towards you. Repeat this all the way up to the pearl, then blast
  the pearl (right-click to charge, move the mouse over the pearl
  then fire). This will activate a forcefield that will shock the
  boss if he is in contact with it. Doing this will move him back
  and damage him, forcing you to lure him into it a second time.
Once you have done it two times, he wises up and stops just short
  of the forcefield when you try to lure him. To hit him this one
  final time, you need to move close, get him to swipe at you, then
  activate the forcefield while his arm is in range of it. This will
  shock him a 3rd and final time, killing him for good.
Rewards: A vision, a treasure, and a way out of the temple.

Boss: Spirit Priests
Location: Mithalas Cathedral
Required Forms: Energy, Nature, Beast
Attacks: Goin' Incorporeal - When not attacking, these guy's enter the
spirit world where you cannot attack them.
Energy Blasts - More often than not, however, they become solid so
they can fire streams of homing energy blasts at you.
Hints: Not much to this boss, really. Circle and fire, circle and fire.
Guide: So once you enter the middle of this room, the three Spirit Priests
will appear and begin circling you. Switch to Energy Form.
Don't bother locking on, just swim around in circles and hammer the
right mouse button! Your shots only count when the Priests are
corporeal, but as this is impossible to predict it's safer to fire
blasts non-stop.
When the Priests attack, the room will pretty quickly fill with
energy blasts. It isn't easy to avoid these, but you can corner
faster than the blasts can so if you are swimming in circles away
from them it isn't too hard.
Sooner or later one priest will go down, at which point the fight
is even easier. Just keep right clicking and pretty soon the other
two will subside too.
Rewards: Spirit Form.

Boss: The Golem
Location: The Sunken City
Required Forms: Energy, Beast, Light
Attacks: Charge! - The Golem puts it's hammer arms out in front of it and
rams you at high speed. Swim over the top of him.
Body Slam - The Golem leaps and attempts to smash you. Dart under him.
Energy Bolts - When the Priest goes on the offensive she fires energy
bolts at you. Just keep moving to avoid them.
Critial Mode: The Priest starts firing energy bolts at you and the Golem attacks
much faster and non-stop.
Hints: The Golem is invincible. It seems the Priest is helping it.
Those little Jellyfish are immune to fire. Jellyfish can
all be eaten, however.
Guide: It may take a few tries to get used to the pattern of this boss,
but once you manage it he's not too bad.
Begin by dodging three of his attacks, either swimming over him
when he charges or darting under him when he jumps. After dodging
three times, the Priest will swim up to his face and pat him on the
head, releasing a small purple jellyfish. Switch to Beast form
and charge it to eat it. Dodge another three attacks, but this time
when the Priest swims up to pat the Golem, shoot her with Beast form's
right-click. The Golem will get kinda mad and start attacking you pretty fast,
switch to Energy Form and blast him to pieces while dodging his attacks.
After a short while, the Priest will wake up and you'll need to repeat the process.
Eventually the Golem will go red and be permanently vulnerable to your
Energy shots, so keep smashing that right click button and dodge his
even faster attacks. Keep in mind the Priest will also join in now and
attempt to shoot you down. Energy Shot +damage foods are your friend here!
Once the Golem takes enough damage, it dies and the fight is over.
Rewards: Loneliness.

Boss: The Creator MKI
Location: The Body
Required Forms: All
Attacks: Creation - The Creator lives up to his name and creates some random sea
baddies. I've seen vulnerable pink jellyfish and blue Nautilus.
Energy Storm - The Creator raises one hand and fires countless energy bolts
from it. I found the easiest way to dodge this is to just sit in a corner near him.
You do get hit a bit but not nearly as much as if you swim around.
Hints: Not much strategy to this guy.
Guide: Simply blast his face while avoiding or killing the enemies. When he casts
his energy storm sit tight and wait for it to end before swimming around again.

Boss: The Creator MKII
Location: The Body
Required Forms: All
Attacks: Face Lazer - The Creator emits a giant lazer from his face which cuts up
whichever wall he is facing. He does turn around when you swim over him,
but if you time it right you can dodge the attack.
Poison Balls - The Creator fires several ugly red homing balls of poison at you.
They do contact damage AND posion you, and they are rather hard to avoid
so I hope you stocked up on items before coming in.
Grab - If you are level with his arms he will try and grab you, and you will
continually take damage until you spin yourself free. This is incredibly difficult
to get out of sometimes, so try not to get caught by it.
Hints: Another straightforward fight. Blast his face off! Uh.. what's left of it!
Guide: A straight slogging fight. Use Energy or Dual form, whichever you feel happier
with. I find it easier to fight in Energy Form because you don't have to aim.
Try and have some Leeching Poultices around for when he poisons you, and use
any Energy Shot +damage itesm you have left. Good luck!

Boss: The Creator..!? MKIII
Location: The Body
Required Forms: All
Attacks: Bite - When in front of his giant pincers he will jab forward and try to bite you.
Ram - When hurt (or just randomly sometimes if he feels like it) he will try to ram
past you. Kinda hard to dodge as he's so big and fast.
Hints: Now you have him on the retreat! Chase him down.
Like all one eyed bosses, his eye is probably the weak point. Trouble is, how do you
make him put his guard down?
Guide: Now he's running away, pfft. Chase him through the progressively darkening tunnel,
switching to Sun Form near the end. When you enter the big three-circle area,
slowly drift around blasting sunlight around. When you find the boss, approach him in
Energy Form and repeatedly strike him. He'll open his pincers to lunge at you, and
hopefully a blast will hit him in the eye. At this point he will charge past you so
cling to a wall, then switch back to Sun Form and track him down again.
Rince and repeat. After a few blasts he'll retreat to the small room to the right
(Look on your map). Follow him there and blast him one or two more times as per normal.

Boss: The Creator MKIV
Location: The Body (I wanna say something cool like The Heart but no official names are given!)
Required Forms: None
Attacks: Song - The Creator can sing just like you! Whichever notes he sings come to life and track
you down. They move slowly, so simply swim around them.
Hints: It doesn't look like he takes any damage from your attacks. I guess there is
nothing left to do but sing!
Guide: It's a simple Simon Says battle. He sings three notes, they come after you, and you must
sing the same notes while dodging them. You don't need to sing them all in a row,
but you do need to sing them in order. If you sing all three without getting hit by any
of them, he takes damage. If not, you take damage. Repeat this several times.

He'll die, you win! Congratulations on beating Aquaria.

Nah, just kidding.

Boss: The Creator
Location: Nowhere
Required Forms: All
Attacks: Energy Blasts - The Creator can summon huge homing energy blasts from his hand and from his
mouth, at least for the first part of the battle. Dodge them and let them arc around you before
dodging again.
Creation - He can create a single shuriken-throwing Aquarian enemy from his hand. Take it out
when it shows up to stop it annoying you.
Creation2 - When you damage his chest cavity in the 2nd half of the fight, he summons a few
blue Nautilus for you to charge up on. Thanks, God!
Destruction - Hey, he can do both! For the later part of this battle his chest
cavity fires this incredibly potent lazer at you periodically. It's very easy to avoid if
you don't go anywhere near it, unfortunately it fires from his weak point. The screen goes
dark blue for a few seconds before he fires this, so you have been warned.
Hints: 1st part: His face worked on the last few forms, try it again!
Hmm, his eye is poking out but it's still attatched. It looks pretty
dark. Dark. Dark!
Right, now that doesn't work either, but it doesn't look like it's
attatched anymore. If only I could pull it out!
2nd part: Right, well he's majorly pissed off now. What's that in his chest-mouth
micro-seconds before he fires?
Hm, doesn't seem to take damage from Energy Form. Well, Li's back now,
maybe he can think of something?
Ok, that seems to hurt him, but it looks like he could go on like this
all day. If only I had an even MORE potent attack!
Guide: 1st part: Jeez. Ok, time to show him what we've learned! Switch to Energy Form.
Blast his face to pieces while avoiding the energy blasts and killing
any enemies he summons. Soon enough, his faceguard will shatter and..
ew, his eye pops out! Switch to Sun Form. Throw a fully charged sunbeam
in his eye and.. it shines. Blast it to shreds with Energy Form!
If the eye stops shining before you damage it enough, repeat the
sunbeam/energy form combo until it goes black. At which point,
switch to neutral/song form and Bind it! Get out of the way, quick!
2nd part: Li is back! We're in business. He stops firing blasts from his mouth,
however he does keep firing them from his hand. Switch to Dual Form
and head south.
Yuck! What the hell is that? Charge up a Dual Form/Li blast.
Wait for it... wait for it... the screen goes dark blue, the mouth
starts opening, fire!! Oh, geez! Get out of the way! You need to fire
the second the head inside his mouth is visible, and then dart directly
up or down. I find it easier to use the keyboard for this. If you DO
get hit, well, I hope you have a ton of healing stuff left over.
Once you smash the head in his mouth with a Li blast, he releases
some handy Nautilus for you to absorb. Kill them with Li blasts
while avoiding the Energy Blast attacks of the Creator, and when
you've killed three switch to Naija/Dual Form. Swim up to the
Creator's head and let rip! The Creator won't be too happy with that.
Switch back to Li/Dual Form and repeat this all twice more. Good luck!
Rewards: End Sequence.

It's done! You actually beat Aquaria, for real! Congrats.
Did you get all the secrets? If not, get back out there!
Happy swimming!

Boss: Nautilus Prime
Location: Home Waters
Attacks: Spinning Around - Like all Nautilus, it constantly spins around.
This is more of a key point of the Prime Nautilus however, as it's
weak point is only in line with you for a short time.
Spawn! - It can spawn a bunch of baby Nautilus and will continue to
do so throughout the fight.
Charge! - Also like all Nautilus, when it gets within range of you it
stops for a second then charges at you at full speed.
Energy Bolts - It fires several small purple homing energy bolts at
you regularly throughout the fight.
Critical Mode: Once it goes red, it swims much faster and fires many, many more energy bolts.
It also appears to spawn less babies, but they are still there.
Hints: If you don't have anything to shoot him with, you're going to have a hard time.
Guide: It's a good idea to wait until you have the Energy Form to do this thing,
but apparently it is possible with rocks. You'd need to be insanely good,
though. Anyway, once you have Energy Form and a lot of courage, go into its
area. To make the fight a lot easier, switch to song form and pick up the
rock near the entrance. You can keep this bound even in Energy Form and it
makes the fight a lot smoother. So, with rock in tow, go near this
big mama and lock onto it. Fire a blast into its face and the fight will
begin! Swim around it in either direction, and keep charging up blasts.
Release them when you are sure they will hit its face rather than its shell,
any blasts that hit its shell are wasted. Half the blasts will
still probably hit the smaller Nautilus, but that doesn't matter. The
rock you are towing will keep the smaller Nautilus from attacking you, and
will even deflect the Nautilus Prime if it happens to charge into the rock
rather than you! Once you hit it enough it will go red and start firing a
lot more energy bolts at you. Don't be put off, just keep swimming in
circles around it and firing bolts at its face until it gives up! Keep in
mind the blue jellyfish around the bottom of the area. If you do need a quick
health boost, charge down to them and destroy them quickly. This is a bit
risky, however, and it's much safer to just cure with items.
Rewards: Nautilus Pet.

Boss: Hyper Lobster
Location: Bubble Caves
Attacks: Explosives - The Lobster launches several of these slow moving explosive
devices at you from his perch on the ceiling. When they come into contact
with you or a wall they explode and release a circle of small yellow energy bolts.
Hints: He looks pretty comfy on his bit of land there. If only there was some way of
turning nature against him?
Those bombs look nasty. Much more damaging than anything you can fire at him!
Guide: Pretty easy when you know how, but you'll probably still take a bunch
of damage, so come prepared.
Begin by binding one of his bombs as he fires them at you. It'll trail behind
you and slowly get redder until it explodes! Before that happens, quickly
switch to nature form.
Fire a seed spike thing (right-click charge) at his position and it'll knock
him off his perch into the bubble you are in. Get out of the way! Once he's
stuck there, either swim around him in circles until the bomb explodes (if you
are far enough away you can easily dodge the bolts) or if you have time, switch
to normal form and unbind the bomb. Either way, if it explodes near him it
damages him.
Once this is done, he'll shreik out and jump to the ceiling again. Simply repeat
this twice more to get your (hopefully) final health upgrade!
Rewards: Health Egg.
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« Reply #6 on: December 26, 2007, 07:58:27 AM »

Nautilus Prime:
Move around her until you can shoot her head, and do so. Also avoid tiny nautilus enemies.
A great way to make taking out the nautilus easier is the carry the bound rock behind you during the fight.  It wrecks havoc on the little spawned nautilus baddies as they try to attack you from behind.  And every once in a while when moving around, the big nautilus runs into the rock, taking damage. 
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« Reply #7 on: December 26, 2007, 11:34:51 AM »

Regarding the boss names:
Main: Krotite god, Mithalas, Great Wyrm, Mother Nature, The Golem(?), The Creator
Mini: Nautilus Prime, Blaster Peg Prime(?), Octopus Prime(?), Toad King(?),  Mithalas Priests, King Crab(?), King Jelly, Robot Crab(?)
Regarding Krotite God: You can actually get the pearl with him at his initial position, just sing the song once he's fully onscreen, and take it back to the statue thing.
Regarding Mother Nature: It helps significantly to put a shield up before parroting her song note. Also, if you do mithalas first, beast form helps significantly in the bouncy urchin bit of the attack cycle.
Regarding King Jelly: a pierogi, hot soup, and veggie soup turned him from the hardest boss I'd faced till then to "gone in 60 seconds".
Regarding The Golem: You can grab a shot before the boss starts by eating the little swimming thingies by one of the rocks that's needed for the statue. This speeds things up significantly, and increases your chances of survival greatly.
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« Reply #8 on: December 27, 2007, 01:05:02 AM »

Reading your strategy for the Krotite god I'm wondering if I fought him in the intended manner...The thing is, he never approached me on his own.  And for the last hit he didn't approach me AT ALL.  The way I lured him towards me the whole time was to get in range of his claws and then quickly dash away (usually using a wall-dash) before I got hit.  This is because he always moves forwards after attacking.  But for the last hit he didn't move forward at all.   I had to shoot the pearl in mid-dash so that I just caught the edge of his claw as he attacked me.  Is that how everybody else did it?

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« Reply #9 on: December 27, 2007, 01:56:52 AM »

I'm pretty sure that's intended, Glamador. He did that for me, too.
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« Reply #10 on: December 27, 2007, 09:33:48 PM »

For the spirit priests, I used beast form and I lured them in the current on the left.  While in the tunnel, you just dash back and forth through them with the beast form until there is only one left.  Then, you finish the last one with the energy form.  Also, while in the tunnel, they have trouble shooting you since their blasts hit the walls before reaching you.
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« Reply #11 on: December 29, 2007, 11:53:53 PM »

for the Frog Prime...I just can't get through it lol, it bounces too fast and I always get hit...

nvm I beat it...
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« Reply #12 on: December 31, 2007, 04:38:05 PM »

I beat Frog Prime using the "Safe-spot" trick.  Made him really boring, but much less frustrating.  I had enough of the "majorly hard to dodge boss with minimal strategy but 'just shoot him'" kind of thing when I beat the Sun Temple.

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« Reply #13 on: December 31, 2007, 07:39:31 PM »

Well, I shoot him when he goes back there and shoot arrows at me
surprisingly the arrows never hit me xDDD
when he starts to bounce, I change to beast form and jump back to the current and wait till he shoots arrows again
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« Reply #14 on: December 31, 2007, 07:50:25 PM »

There is a spot when you can stay and mostly won't be hit by him. Just a few though cakes and a bit of patience and he's finished  Wink
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