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Author Topic: Rune Translation Guide (Slightly Spoilerish)  (Read 8796 times)
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« on: December 23, 2007, 07:12:23 PM »

While looking for Naija's memories, I thought that there might be clues in the writing found on various walls.  So I decided to decode them, and ended up cracking the Aquarian language.  While I didn't find any clues about Naija's memories, I *did* find a lot of interesting little tidbits that fill in a few backstory elements (and raise questions that will hopefully be answered later.)  I'm too lazy to post an exact letter-to-letter translation, but here is how I did it:

The ending runes read "THE*END", which gives us the Aquarian letters for T,H,E,N, and D.  The "E" is especially handy to have.
When first entering the city of Mithalas, Naija spots a broken sign on the floor which she says reads "MITHALAS".  This gives us several more letters - in particular, I and A.

From these three vowels and several consonants, it is possible to decode many other random pieces of script sufficiently to make educated guesses at their meanings, eventually cracking the complete Aquarian alphabet (except for J, X, and Z.  At least, so far - there might be messages I've missed.)

For those even lazier than me, I've included some interesting translations below, as well as where they are found.

City of Mithalas:
As he creates
so will he destroy.
Watching us from every shadow.
He is the abyss taken form.
To new waves
we must escape.
                                    *** Sauguin

Mithalas' Room (Some words are blocked and must be guessed at):
You have failed me.
Hunger will consume you.
Feast on the flesh of
your own children.

Mithalas Library, under the bookshelves:
The World

Entrance to Mithalas, over the Jars:
Fear The Lord

Near the Priest Spirits room:
Beyond death we hide

Graffiti in Mithalas City:
     e e
  H     tics

Cave Writings (Open Waters, I think):
Krel and Alia

Krel will pay

My Dearest
Rest in Peace

Written near a dragon statue:

Entrance to Naija's Home:

Secret Room in the Energy Temple:
Gleh is Weak

Needless to say, this raises a lot of questions!  Who are the people mentioned here (Sauguin, Krel, Alia, Gleh?)  Was Saugin one of the priests who 'escaped' into spirit form, or another citizen of Mithalas who escaped to different waters?  Did Krel betray Alia, or did something else happen?  Does "my dearest" refer to Alia or someone else?  I doubt the answers will be found in the game, but that won't stop me from being curious.  One can only hope a later game provides some answers.
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« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2007, 07:32:08 PM »

We already have a thread about it. But that one focuses more on the letters and less on the writings, so this one is a good addition. Smiley
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We already have a thread about it. But that one focuses more on the letters and less on the writings, so this one is a good addition. Smiley

Whoops!  I didn't see that one.  Oh well. ^.^
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"Gleh" is actually "Flesh"
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