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Aquaria 1.1.1 for Windows Released for $20

Aquaria Fan Art by Kyle Pulver

The new version of Aquaria is here, and now it only costs $19.99!

If you’re new to the Aquaria universe, click here to buy your very own copy.

If you already own Aquaria, visit this thread on the forums for information about how to upgrade your copy to the latest version.

This version of Aquaria includes a lot of new tweaks and improvements over the original; including beautiful widescreen support, a new world map system that allows you to name and drop markers, get hints and more, an improved cooking system that previews recipes, shows recipe effects and is easier to use, an integrated help system, some redesigned puzzles and even more.

To find out more about what’s in Aquaria 1.1.1 and just how awesome it is, check out the last blog post.

Derek and I would like to thank all our fans and customers over the last year for their initial purchase, continuing support and yes, love. I have to give big, individual shout-outs to Robert J. Walker, Kyle Pulver and Tommy Refenes for being instrumental in helping me test this new version of the game. Thanks guys!

And to everyone else, enjoy the game. :)

(Featured: Kyle Pulver’s Aquaria fan art)

NOTE: Our webstore’s backend is being really slow and unresponsive for me right now. Apologies in advance if I don’t get to your reactivation request right away.

167 Responses to “Aquaria 1.1.1 for Windows Released for $20”

  1. diego Says:

    Great, where’s the patch download?

  2. DangerMouse Says:

    I’m so looking forward to making the upgrade. When I get off work Alec i’ll send you my payment invoice. Thank goodness for digital receipts!
    Any updates in this for the nodding community?

  3. Kyle Says:


  4. ironimp Says:

    Fabulous! I can’t wait to get off work and start swimming around on my 50″ plasma! Yay for wide screen Aquaria!

    By the way, sweet poster, Kyle!

  5. Aaron Says:

    So, does that mean there’s no patch coming, and we’ll have to re-download? No biggie. I’m assuming this breaks compatibility with saved games, though, since some of the puzzles were tweaked?

  6. Aaron Says:

    Oh, and congratulations!

  7. Alec Says:

    Naw, save files should be compatible.

    Yeah, the patch is in the form of a new full version.

  8. xiagan Says:

    Heh, great! that’s a day earlier than expected! :)

  9. Wonko Says:

    Nice, I just mailed my info. Now it’s time for some good-old patience (and some SSF2THDRemix ranked matches in the meantime :D).

    Just to be sure, the information is the receipt, not the “cd-key” to activate the game, right?

  10. Proud Says:

    Meanwhile the Mac version is still $30.

    Come on, guys!

  11. dg10050 Says:

    You can order a CD now too?
    Is it a nice CD with artwork and a case, or just a CD-R with the downloaded file on it?

  12. Alec Says:

    Its just Plimus’ CD service, which I imagine is pretty bsaic.

    We want to do a really nice collectible edition, but we probably won’t get to that until after we see how the OST does.

    The Plimus CD option is there mainly for people with slow connections who might want a hard copy.

  13. diego Says:

    I checked the Plimus link that I used to download Aquaria and it no longer works. How do I get Aquaria 1.1?

  14. Alec Says:

    To quote the post above:

    “If you already own Aquaria, email me at with your purchase information, and I’ll get you a new download link.”


  15. Nemo07 Says:

    What exactly is the “purchase information”? Do you want the Order Reference Number, Account Number, and my name or what?

  16. Alec Says:

    Yep, all that good stuff. :)

  17. Ahrel Says:

    I just sent in the quoted e-mail with my name and serial number. Thought about the receiept bu thought the actual key would be reference enough.

    We’ll see how right or wrong I was later. No reply all these hours later.

  18. Nemo07 Says:

    Alrighty then! Email sent with Order Reference Number, Account Number, and my name.

  19. Chibi Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! Not only for the ten dollar price reduction, but for the hours upon hours you spent to make the best 2D game in the world better. XD Amazing work!

  20. Noyb Says:

    Bought! Been waiting for this update since it was announced this summer. =)

  21. Aquaria Reaches v1.1.1 | GameCyte Says:

    [...] like extra graphics, optimisations, GUI streamlining and other functional or simply cosmetic updates. In celebration of all that, the price has also been reduced to a mere $19.99 [...]

  22. Al3xand3r Says:

    Huhu, I posted what the trackback above links to :)
    Waiting for mah e-mail, I only sent the order number and the other stuff that has like my name and such… Should I re-try or is that sufficient? I’m not even sure I have a Plimus account. Ah, I wish I could just download right away.

  23. t3mp3st Says:

    Awesome work guys! First I was excited to hear that the new version had been released. And then, I was more than pleased when no more than 10 minutes after emailing my details, I received my link. =]

  24. Al3xand3r Says:

    You did? I guess I’ll try again with my account info included this time…

  25. Al3xand3r Says:

    Ok, I don’t think I actually have an account on Plimus so my order number should be sufficient? At least, I can’t login with any of my usual usernames and putting my e-mail (the one I received the Aquaria link on) on the forgot password form doesn’t bring any results. So, I guess I was able to make a purchase without making a permanent plimus account at the time. So, I should be able to receive the new link just with my order number, no? Still waiting then :)

  26. Alec Says:

    If you don’t have enough info, I’ll reply to your email asking for more. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be a little bit patient… I’ve gone through about 50 emails and there’s 70 still in my inbox. (and counting) :)

    I’m getting some very nice messages in the emails though, and that’s keeping my spirits up! :D

  27. Al3xand3r Says:

    Well, then again, it has an account number in my receipt e-mail. Ugh, this kind of thing is why I hate Plimus and ranted about it in a past blog post here… You guys should get Aquaria on Impulse or something, as long as their rates are comparable to Plimus’ I guess.

  28. Al3xand3r Says:

    Oops, sorry for being in a hurry :P but again, gotta hate Plimus for not letting you do this in an automated way. Not to put your hard work and attempts to serve customers down, you just shouldn’t have to do that on this day and age dude. Plimus need to update their system to provide such stuff automatically.

  29. Al3xand3r Says:

    Just got the activation link. Thanks and again sorry, please remove all my useless posts to keep this tidy for more commenters to come :)

  30. Wonko Says:

    Got the mail too and everything is working peachy. I wanted to send my thanks, but I guess that will only contribute to Alec’s inbox getting busier than it already is and we don’t want that. LOL.

    So time to dive! I know I won’t sleep tonight. :)

  31. Chibi Says:

    Dangermouse received his copy about two hours after he sent his message, but it’s been over seven hours and I’m still patch-less. :( Ah well, I’ll have to wait until after my three hour long orchestra practice tomorrow morning. *sighs*

  32. Ahrel Says:

    Don’t have mine yet either Chibi, but I imagine if you sent it in first, you may get it last (and I think I was one of the first, sent it in with only two comments in here. I think Alec has his mailbox sorting newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest :p.

  33. Na Says:

    I’ve been playing the new Windows version for about an hour now - save games are working fine from old version, but just had to start a new game to test all the features. I’m loving it! The new map with the ability to create your own save markers is perfect for remembering where things are, like leaves, healing plants, that sort of thing. I also recently got a new wider screen computer, so the new widescreen support is awesome. The graphics are just so much better in widescreen :) I also love the recipe preview, showing the effects of each recipe. It makes everything so much easier to remember.

    Great job guys!

  34. Alec Says:

    Sorry if I haven’t got to you yet, I had to get some sleep. Now I’m back at it! I had my inbox down to 30, and now its back up to 50. :)

  35. Drift Says:

    lol! Thanks Alec! Here’s hoping you get to mine today :) Looking forward to it! My monitor needs some widescreen Aquaria :P

  36. Ahrel Says:

    You work too hard Alec! Just got it, was getting ready to sleep myself too but not now :( :D. You got a paypal acct? I feel like I should give you some money.

  37. Alec Says:

    No problem, folks. Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying the new build!

    P.S. is my paypal :D

  38. Na Says:

    Oh hey, I just figured out that the Jukebox will now run in the background while I do other things on my computer! Fantastic - I love listening to the music as background noise :)

  39. Hawkey Says:

    I just wondered, that the passwort/key is not necessary anymore Oo
    Therefore the individual name of the owner in the left corner is missing…
    It isn’t a problem for me, just hope that this nice feature will be re-implented in a future Collector Edition :D

  40. Alec Says:

    Yeah, the new version is DRM free. :)

    We may add a way to register the game so you can have your name on the title screen. (you’re right, its a cool feature)

  41. leon Says:

    thx man you guys rock!!!

  42. sMull Says:

    Got my new download link within hours, thank you to the developers for the amazing game and for the support.

  43. Quemaqua Says:

    Excellent. I eagerly await a link and will be sure to spread word of the new price. Thanks, fellas. Keep at it!

  44. Hiro Says:


    I’m sending that email asap. Can’t wait for this. I havn’t played Aquaria since I beat it the first time waiting for this patch. :D

  45. Tuco Says:

    I’m really for buying this game, but I was looking for it on some digital delivery platform.
    I don’t like too much the idea to have it as a random download in a folder.
    It’s on the air for it?
    It’s coming on Impulse, specifically?
    Let’s say I buy it from this site, can I add same serial on Steam/Impulse in a second time?

  46. sMull Says:

    I don’t get that, why would you want to limit yourself to a 3td party service like Steam, rather than download the game now? You pay them, they send you the link and your serial key and you’re done. You burn the game to a CD and you’re set.

    Impulse is bit better than Steam because it doesn’t have to be running to play games at least. I like Steam but i don’t see how it’s better than just downloading the game yourself.

  47. Alec Says:

    Hey guys…

    You can go buy it on Steam now if you want. :)

  48. Al3xand3r Says:

    Congrats on Steam release, I hope they aren’t shafting you by having it a little cheaper until Dec 31st?

  49. Archagon Says:


  50. Fade2Gray Says:

    Gotta love Alec’s work ethic but this relationship with Plimus reminds me of a man shoveling water out of a sinking ferry while the ferryman laughs and counts his money.

  51. Fade2Gray Says:

    Just noticed Aquaria on Steam. CONGRATS! This makes gifting the game 100% easier.

  52. Alec Says:


  53. Alec Says:

    Yeah! Gift the game to everyone you know, please. :3

  54. Tuco Says:

    To sMull:

    to put it simple: cause buying from Steam or Impulse I’m almost sure about the fact I still candownload the game event two or three years from now.
    On other side, who fucking knows where Bit Blot site will be just in a few months. Maybe those guys will find a better job in some big software house and leave us with an useless serial and a ghost website.

  55. Tuco Says:

    Anyway, Alec… there is no chance to see it even on Impulse?
    Just to know if I must buy it from Steam or wait for impulse version (wich I like more, as DD platform).

  56. Miss Lynx Says:

    Is the Mac version going to be updated with the new changes as well?

  57. Al3xand3r Says:

    Mac version was released with the updates already built-in.

  58. Toni Ruottu Says:

    I sent you a request for the patched up version by e-mail during the x-mas holidays. I hope it wasn’t lost in the e-postoffice. :-/

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