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Aquaria on Steam for $16, Behind the Scenes

Hey, Alec here - you guys might have noticed this already, but Aquaria is out on Steam! Its also on sale for 20% off until the new year. The Steam version features 27 achievements with new art by Derek and its a steal at $15.99 - so if you haven’t picked up the game yet, now is the perfect time.

Steam also has a really nice gift purchasing service. If you’re stuck thinking of a gift for your friends and relatives, why not give the gift of Aquaria. Odds are, they’ll love the new version. :)

And last but not least, here’s a little behind the scenes info on the making of the latest HD Aquaria trailer - featuring my ugly mug!

Enjoy! :)

In case you’re curious why the video says “Infinite Ammo” at the beginning… that’s ’cause it’s my new team! If you guys haven’t heard of it yet, you can learn a lot more at our website. We do a regular video blog and we’re working on a couple really cool 2.5D games.

89 Responses to “Aquaria on Steam for $16, Behind the Scenes”

  1. Paroxysm Says:

    Oh damn I just bought Aquaria a few days ago. Any chance of you guys pulling a 2d Boy and getting registration keys purchased before Steam release was announced registered on the system?

  2. Gressmon Says:

    I bought it a few days ago too (last Sunday), oh I should have wait :p
    Any chance to register my key on Steam to use achievements ?

  3. leon Says:

    I am really glad that you finally get to release Aquaria on Steam! :))))

  4. Caio Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations for getting it on Steam, guys :)

  5. leon Says:

    btw i downloaded the HD version through steam! Its amazing! Too bad I haven’t seen such a glorious trailer before I bought the game 1 year ago (not that I have any problem).

    Try to get a better pc for smoother recording though I understand you may like to play with code and stuff as a programmer :)
    Good luck on your next project, cant wait!
    I am bored with fps :(

    PS: btw the new prince of persia game reminds so much of your art !

  6. abbye Says:

    Congrats on the release!

    Any thoughts on adding an updated demo too? I get the impression it can really help games get recognition on steam

  7. yupsi Says:

    I agree that previous Aquria owners should be able to transfer their keys to the Steam if that’s possible. Too lazy to mail you for the new version from that free mail service full of ads…

  8. Ahrel Says:

    SWEET! Just bought it again :). Love Steam. Now hopefully this means it will come out for consoles soon — this game needs all the play it can. And I feel like if it had been released on consoles last year, it would have gotten the praise that Braid is getting now. Hopefully next year.

  9. Al3xand3r Says:

    So, Bit-Blot is dissolved now? Already? After one game? Come on guys. At least put Derek onboard Infinite Ammo :|

  10. Nox Says:

    Any chance of seeing a Wii port (WiiWare)? Would make for an interesting control scheme :D

  11. KingAl Says:

    Shiny, congrats on the Steam release!

  12. Hiro Says:

    Yeah congratulations guys. Hopefully you get the recognition you deserve. ;)

  13. Xenonym Says:

    Dear, that must be like lots of work…

  14. Aron Says:


    But… will I be able to migrate my bought Bit-Blot Aquaria over to Steam via the Registration key?

  15. Jamie Says:

    Loved it! In theory I guess it’s possible to do 2 play-back runs of the pre-recorded input info. On one run (very slow) you can output video as single screens. On a second run (at normal game speed) output sound. Then mix together?

    Anyhoo … your trailer looks fantastic!!

  16. Alec Says:

    Jamie: Yeah, that could work. :)

  17. Ravi Says:

    I just bought a second copy on steam and another copy for my roommate! Freaking AMAZING game.

  18. TexasRex Says:

    “I talk to myself to keep myself from going crazy.. it’s not really working” ahaha, so great. Get some sleep

  19. finalfrog Says:

    I love me some Steam and I love me some Aquaria. Call me crazy, but I loved your game so much I bought it a second time just so I could have a copy on Steam for easy migration between computers. First bought it the moment you guys released it last spring, when the price was still $30. Never regretted it for a moment. Beautiful game, beautiful music, beautiful gameplay. Now if I could just finish it! =P

  20. Don Andy Says:

    Bah, fucking Steam. I was about to rebuy Aquaria for Steam, but then they suddenly introduced the European Currency bullshit. Meaning Aquaria is now 20€ instead of 20$.

  21. Alec Says:

    Don + Al3x:
    Can you guys explain the situation a bit more to me? I’m not sure if I clearly understand it yet. (being an ignorant North American) I decided to go with Steam’s recommended pricing, but I didn’t look into alternatives at the time.

    Feel free to respond here, or if you’d rather take it to a personal conversation, just email

    Thanks guys! :)

  22. Alec Says:

    Naw, they were like “we recommend this” and I was like “sure!” I didn’t stop to take the time to consider what the prices would mean for the different regions, I just assumed Valve would pick what works best for each region.

  23. Al3xand3r Says:

    Okay well, I hope I explained the problem simple enough. You can chose to keep the price like that on Steam and maybe update your Plimus price to reflect it, or vice versa.

    If you chose your current scheme with Plimus, Valve should somehow let you pick the price in $ and have the conversion rates applied locally, instead of ask you to give a hard price for Europe, when the currency rates change so much often (in early recession the euro was as low as $1.25, now it’s gone back to normal and is $1.46 for each).

  24. Al3xand3r Says:

    Another problem with fixed prices for other regions is that, for example, the British pound is ABNORMALLY LOW these days. Normally it’s worth maybe 1.5 Euro, now it’s only worth 1.055. As a result, with the current prices in Britain, they end up paying you (and EVERY OTHER GAME PURCHASE ON STEAM) quite a bit less than all other regions, less than even Americans.

    That’s why the Steam system is so flawed with its fixed prices, it should only be fixed for $, and adjust in the other currencies in real-time according to the daily exchange rates.

  25. Alec Says:

    Yeah, I initially figured that they’d price stuff at $19.99US everywhere, and just calculate the local price based on the exchange rates. To me that seems like the most obvious way to do it.

    When they suggested their rates, I just took it on good faith that they knew what pricing made sense for each market. But I was also swamped and getting close to burning out… probably should have contemplated it more before signing off on it.

    Anyways, I’ll talk to the contacts I have there and see what more I can learn about it. Thanks for filling me in with the details. :)

  26. Don Andy Says:

    Just one day ago, Aquaria (and all other games) had to be paid in $ which sort of automatically resulted in a proper price conversion when paying (so Aquaria would’ve been 14€ for me). But their European Currency system went from optional Beta to forced Final now, and thus Aquaria (and all other games) went from 20$ to 20€, which is about 29$.

    The problem at its core is that the transfer rate is currently 1$ = 0.7€
    However, Steam just went ahead and made 1$ = 1€, thus making every game about 30% more expensive.

    It’s not your guys fault at all here, just Steams. It even seems that countries are getting forced to pay in Euro that don’t HAVE the Euro, just because they happen to be in Europe.

    But Al3xand3er pretty much covered it.

  27. MisterX Says:

    As far as I’ve heard Valve did “discount” several games after the beta, so some that cost $50 outside of Europe now cost 45€ here. Obviously that’s still a lot more expensive, but at least their system is flexible.

  28. Wargod Says:

    Awesome! =)

    Just bought it on Steam.
    But might it be possible, that the Steamversion doesn’t recognize all achievements with old savegames?

    I loaded an ols savegame where i’m already near the end of the game, but the “open water” achievement and several others, that i should have got, don’t unlock.

    The boss achievements did though.

    Do i have to replay everything, to get these achievements?

  29. Alec Says:

    Yeah, there are some achievements that require you to do things that aren’t represented by save game flags.

  30. Wargod Says:

    Hmm, k, thanks.

    Think then i’ll take the Steam release as a good reason to start all over again. :D

  31. Paroxysm Says:

    Alec: Still no word on whether you’ll get old registration keys activated on steam?

  32. Someone Says:

    Doctor Who, that’s incorrect I would say, Valve’s stance to the whole thing from what I’ve heard and seen is that they allow virtually all games to be activated on Steam. Provided the authors send a list of legit keys to Steam (the idea is that, although steam doesn’t make money of it, they gain customers and influence).

    2DBoy for one isn’t big, sold it separately at first, and didn’t actually even use authentication keys. But the keys that were used for downloading World of Goo could later be used to activate World of Goo on Steam.

  33. stranded Says:

    It would be really nice of you Alec to adjust those prices for European costumers!


  34. Mindless Says:

    I’ve just purchased aquaria on steam
    (europe…its good value!),
    thank you so much for this beautiful piece of art!

  35. Dock Says:

    Congratulations for getting onto steam! There are a lot of people whom won’t pay for software unless it’s on Steam, and the convenience of being able to reinstall and register from one location is important to them.

    Ouch for Mac owners though, where the price is still $30! :)

  36. Alec Says:

    Yeah, unfortunately we don’t control the pricing of the Mac version. :(

  37. Bouaiss Says:

    I have purchased also on STEAM after you guys have adjusted the euro price. I’m glad you did since I would have let it sit there and never know what a wonderful gem Aquaria is. It really reminds me of the old DOS game Loom also real nice gem back in the old days. Will the soundtrack be released, Alec?

  38. 04 Sema Says:

    Think then i’ll take the Steam release as a good reason to start all over again.

  39. Digital Distribution Review » Steam: Who Sets the Prices? Says:

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  42. Alan Says:

    Hi Alec, what IDE are you using?

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