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More Aquaria Fanart

Aquaria Fanart by<br />
Anthony Wu

I just added three new pieces of fanart to the Community section of the Aquaria website. The amazing artwork above is by one of my good friends, Anthony Wu. He’s working on his first comic book right now, and it should be out in a year or so! Love the mood in that one, though. Gad.

The other two pieces are by forum user inkblob, and they’re also wonderful. Unfortunately, I can’t show them here because they’re a bit spoilerish! But I love blob’s unique pen and ink style… if you’ve already played through the game, be sure to check ‘em out!

I’ve also added a great PC PowerPlay review (8 out of 10) as well as our GDCA nom to the Press section.

For those of you waiting for the Macintosh version, the widescreen version, and all that - Alec’s working extremely hard on ‘em right now and they’ll be done when they’re done! But feel free to leave some words of encouragement for him. We’ve got some other neat things in the works, too. :)

7 Responses to “More Aquaria Fanart”

  1. Dan Says:

    Word of encouragement! Words of encouragement! When I first learned of Aquaria I was wicked pumped and then disappointed when I discovered it wouldn’t be coming to the Mac… except that it would be … so I was wicked pumped again! I kind of made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t play computer games at the university (too much of a time sink) but after playing the demo on a friend’s PC I decided that I just _had_ to support an independent game that looked so good. So, keep churgging along Bit Blot, I’m sure there are many other Mac users patiently waiting, just as I am.

  2. Modus Ponens Says:

    Hooray for you guys! Hooray for Aquaria! I didn’t even realize that there would be a widescreen edition, to which I now eagerly look forward.

  3. JSW Says:

    Encouragement! Especially for a Linux version. (That’s still a possibility, right?)

  4. p3ter_st0ry Says:

    WOOOT!!! Keep it up ALEC!!! Major props for working this long on it man! Can’t wait to get my hands on it :)
    Props to you to Derek, your work ROCKS!

  5. Plaid Phantom Says:

    Oh WOW that is some sweet art.

  6. Rye Says:

    totally stoked for the mac version. keep it up!

  7. Hiro Says:

    I swear I’ve commented twice on this already! But I can’t see anything I said… :’(

    Again: Go Alec! Go Bit-Blot!