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Author Topic: Publishing an Indie Game  (Read 6252 times)
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« on: January 25, 2019, 10:37:25 PM »

Hello forums!

I am leading a small team of people with the goal of publishing a short video game. Unfortunately, none of us have any business experience and very little business exposure! I found the internet to be daunting and unhelpful in answering my questions and my college professors tell me it’s not their job to clarify or assist in my research. I considered emailing Alec as he clearly has had success producing indie games, but decided that would be inappropriate as I do not really know him!

Therefore I have turned to this forum as a way to seek assistance, as I know many of its users have developed wonderful Aquaria mods and may have even worked on unrelated game design projects. My biggest question is as follows:

Our team has members from around the world! What are some methods we could use to publish and ensure that everyone gets equal credit and intellectual ownership?

My biggest concern/source of confusion is the international aspect. My biggest impression is that international business is complicated and confusing and creates problems that would not arise were we all in the same region. I am not sure if this is relevant, but two of us are from the a United States, one from Canada, one from Macedonia, two from the Netherlands, and two from the United Kingdom.

I sincerely appreciate any help, information, or resources. Smiley

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